DCP - DoubleCoinPlus 1.1 BETA

TPM Server double coin system !

  1. PlusMCPKBPK
    DoubleCoinPlus Plugin
    #First Plugin Release on Spigot !
    #Support All Version
    #Required Vault and Essential

    Config :

    Code (Text):

    #DoubleCoinPlus by PlusMCPKBPK
    #This plugin create for using on TPM Server!
    #Plugin Version 1.1

    tell-player-bonus: true

      - "&a&lDoubleCoinPlus Menu:"
      - "&b/dcp enable"
      - "&b/dcp disable"
      - "&b/dcp reload"
      permission: "&cYou don't have permissions"
      disable: "&aDoubleCoinPlus is now disabled"
      disable2: "&cDoubleCoinPlus is already disabled"
      enable: "&aDoubleCoinPlus is now enabled"
      enable2: "&cDoubleCoinPlus is already enabled"
      tell-player-bonus: "&a&l DoubleCoinPlus > You got $%n extra from DoubleCoinPlus"
      reload: "&aDoubleCoinPlus config was reloaded"
    #Setting Message in Config !


    Play My Server :
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  1. Message Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. AnyBody
    Version: 1.1 BETA
    Please update im have error!!!

    1. PlusMCPKBPK
      Author's Response
      Ok Sorry About late I am working on another work for long sorry :D
  2. MrARC
    Version: 1.1 BETA
    Awesome resource!
    I'm pretty sure it will bost your donations in your server :D
    1. PlusMCPKBPK
  3. AndreiTheGiant
    Version: 1.1 BETA
    Awesome resource, but can you explain to me what we can use the coins for and maybe if you can develop a full coins system?
    1. PlusMCPKBPK
      Author's Response
      It can use like booster in your server
      When you get money from server you will get it again
      Support all plugin