Dead Souls 1.6

Simple tombstone system inspired by Dark Souls

  1. API Update

    • Added com.darkyen.minecraft.deadsouls.distance permission - distance is no longer shown automatically
    • Added an API for third party plugin developers. See the GitHub page for more info.
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  2. Bug-fix and flexibility update

    - Fixed bug in worlds with keepInventory gamerule which would cause XP to get duplicated
    - Added com.darkyen.minecraft.deadsouls.spectatesouls and com.darkyen.minecraft.deadsouls.coordinates permissions (see docs)
    - Added worlds configuration key to add ability to enable the plugin only for some worlds

    Regenerate config files to see the new keys.

    Also see release notes for version 1.4 which was released earlier on the same day.
  3. Auto-save update

    This small update brings a more aggresive auto-save mechanism to prevent item loss or duplication even on unstable servers. There is also a new and very experimental option to create souls for animals, for example horses, so that you don't lose that saddle or armor.

    See the configuration for more detail. You may need to regenerate the config file for these new options to show up.

    I have also added a /souls reload subcommand for admins, but it is not supported and should never be run...
  4. Stability update

    This update increases stability by fixing several minor bugs which could together cause unreliable soul saving on server restart.

    There is also a new /souls command, to list all your souls and free them (or, if you are OP, to list all souls on the server). You can also teleport to them, with the right permission.
  5. Stability update

    This update fixes a critical bug causing larger soul databases to crash when loading. If you have an souldb.bin or soul-db.bin file which fails to load on startup, this version will load it correctly - there is no need to delete it.

    This version also adds an ability to customize the colors of a soul - delete your config.yml file to generate a new one with these options.
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  6. Customization update

    This version brings following changes:
    - BUGFIX: Player XP is now computed correctly
    - Strings can be localized
    - Sounds can now be customized (along with volume of calling sound)
    - Behavior for PvP deaths can be altered
    - Smart soul placement can now be disabled
    - Should be more stable on servers with many worlds
    - Added permissions to enable xp and item holding separately

    Delete your config.yml to regenerate it with new options.

    This verion should run fine on 1.13...
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