Deadend (TNTRun) | Now with purchasable jump items 1.2.2

A game where blocks disappear under you and you cannot fall into the lava or water.

  1. retrodaredevil
    Hello this is my first plugin made by @retrodaredevil (me):D If there are any bugs please report them on the discussion page.

    New update makes a smoother "no jump" and adds jump items which are slime balls.

    Why this is better than other TNTRun plugins:
    This plugin uses a simple and complex system of checking all the blocks a player is standing on so no one can just stay in one place for the whole match. This plugin is based off TNTRun on MCBrawl called Deadend.

    Must have BattleArena, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit installed found here:

    It is also recommended that you have an economy plugin so you can buy jump items. Some examples are:
    If you do get a economy plugin you must also install vault:
    If you do not install an economy plugin buying jump items are free for anyone who has the permission:
    (Can be disabled in config.yml)

    Drop ArenaDeadend.jar, BattleArena.jar, WorldGuard.jar, and WorldEdit.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server.

    Run the command: /de create <arenaname>
    Select two points(with an axe with //wand) Note that you cannot have multiple layers and if you do, it will only create one layer and use the X and Z coordinates provided. Example on what points to select below below: Note: you don't have to create the floor manually
    Once selected do /de alter <arenaname> addregion
    Now you've added the region and need to create the spawns. First, once you have selected the floor (it should already be selected) it might be more helpful to do //set gold_block . Once you've done that you can add the spawns by doing /de alter <arenaname> 1 to set the first spawn then do /de alter <arenaname> 2 to set the second and you can add as many spawns as you want.

    To join you can run the command: /de join or /de join <arenaname>
    You can also do /de help for a list of commands.
    Other features and info:
    You will die if you are in water, lava, or are standing on bedrock.
    If anyone is confused on how to set this up or there are bugs please report on the discussion page.
    As of right now there is no config to change the material of the floor but it is planned! There is still a config provided by battlearena that you can edit to your needs. The floor will only disappear if it is gold. Gold blocks outside the region can still get turned into air.

    Also if you were wondering, the floor auto regenerates.

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