Death loot management & Anti in-fight disconnection [1.8-1.15] 1.2

PVP & PVE loot handling and logout protection.

  1. Corrected compilation bug

    (yes 2nd time, I know :x)
  2. Added actionbar support

    You can now decide to print messages to players through actionbar! An aoption has beed added to the config file, so be sure to add it manually (you can find the updated config.yml on plugin spigot's page) or delete your old config.yml.
  3. Correction of compilation bug

    Correction of compilation bug
  4. Handling mobs loot & added new loot handling options

    What's new:
    - Support of mobs loot added.
    - Custom drops should be correctly handled (if not contact me).
    - Added 2 new methods to handle the loot division between players (see new plugin description for more informations).