Death Scoreboard Alpha 1.0.1

Death Scoreboard with Customizble Colors and Names!

  1. JaydenIsAPig
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    • 1.16
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    Jayden Rowley (Me)
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    Hello There poeple, this is my first public plugin so let me tell you what it does!

    This plugin allows you to have a awesome looking scoreboards for you and your friends! This plugin includes the following commands (and descriptions)

    /deathboard refresh - refreshes the Deathboard (in case it gets glitched)

    /deathboard setColor <color> <player> - sets the specified players Deathboard the defined color
    /deathboard Header setColor <color> - sets the Deathboards header to the defined color
    /deathboard Header setHeader <string> - sets the Deathboard header to the string defined (must be 14 characters or less)
    /deathboard Permissions add <player> - gives the specified player the ability to use the commands to change the Deathboard!
    /deathboard Permissions remove <player> - removes the ability to use the commands to change the Deathboard for the specified player! (for context and player with Admin Permissions/OP will have Deathboard permissions on by default so you can change that with this command!
    /deathboard Permissions list - gives the sender a list of the Players Permissions, and weather or not they can change the Deathboard (true = they can change it, false = they cant change it)
    /deathboard clearConfig - This was mostly for my plugins development purpose, but I left it in case the plugins config file gets messed up, it just will reset the config file to its default paramaters
    /deathboard clearConfig deathboardColors - Resets the Deathboards colors to default paramaters
    /deathboard clearConfig deathboardPermissions - Resets the Deathboards Permissions to default paramaters
    /coords <player> will send you a message of that players coordinates, it will also broadcast their coordinates to everyone else.

    There is also a lite version of the plugin, along with an alternate download of the Deathboard right here


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  1. veryrealbot
    Version: Alpha 1.0.1
    I really like this plugin. I run a Minecraft server with my friends and its really funny and cool to have a scoreboard of how many times someone has died, showing how good or strong they are ingame. A really good addition to any Minecraft Survival Server.

    Also, that your name and chat color change to whatever color you want.