DeathBoss 1.7

Ever wanted a boss that can be spawned by building blocks?

  1. Hex_27


    Ever wanted a boss that can be spawned by building blocks? Ever wanted a boss that could spawn with a "boom"? Ever like the boss spawning minions all around? DeathBoss will accomplish all of it! When a player builds a totem, a boss, with customizable name, health and dropchances, will spawn with a boom, along with zombie minions! Being a light boss, the boss is armed with a full diamond set (by default) , but isn't really that strong just yet.

    Servers using Deathboss:
    • EclipticNet.Work

    The totem
    A netherrack with an iron block on top. When the iron block is ignited, the totem explodes, throwing minions and the boss at the player. This is the default totem. The totem can be customized in the config. [​IMG]

    • deathboss.spawn (Allows user to build the deathboss)
    • deathboss.cmd (Allows user to use /deathboss spawn)
    • deathboss.* (Gives user all deathboss perms)
    The config for Version 3 has new information and help regarding each setting. As for the totem types, this link shows the accepted block IDs:

    • Configurable health and name for both minions and the Boss
    • Configurable whether you want the explosion or not
    • Configurable whether you want minions or not
    • Number of minions spawned configurable
    • Configurable Boss armor and weapon, and equipment enchants!
    • Boss armour and weapon drop chances
    • Multiworld support
    • Configurable Minion dropchances, equipment and enchantments!
    • Minions can be set not to burn in sunlight!
    • Now a new /deathboss command!
    • Boss can now spawn minions, each time a player hits it! Chance of this is configurable.
    • Configurable blast damage!
    • Configurable if you want the blast to destroy blocks or not!
    • A command can be sent from console upon boss death!
    /deathboss (Shows help. Not very helpful though.. only 1 command after all ._.)

    /deathboss spawn (Spawns a deathboss, without minions and without the explosion)

    Upcoming features
    • Boss skills I guess I did something like it... may add more in future
    • Configurable boss equipment Done!
    • Configurable minion equipment Done!
    • Customizable Totem Done!
    • Configurable blast damage Done!
    • More skills?
    • Minion drops?
    • Another "Mega boss"?
    Known bugs

    Bug reporting
    You can report other bugs in the comments below

Recent Updates

  1. Configurability Update
  2. 1.8 update

Recent Reviews

  1. Trixie
    Version: 1.7
    Great Plugin !I have some suggestions I havnt seen on other places, but would it be possible to make it so you can configure the totems and mobs that spawn per totem. So say you want to build a Quartz totem needing 10 quartz blocks and when the totem is lit it would spawn a really mad skeleton or something. And be able to have multiple different totems you can do. Basically I would love each totem to require a permission to build so that based on requirements to rank up the person could build the specific totem. beat the boss. and it would have the option of commands to be executed on death. is this possible?
  2. ArdoHD
    Version: 6.0
    Fantastic plugin, but i wish you could change the Zombie Pigman to more types, such as Wither Skeleton. also allow configurable broadcast and death messages
  3. 3D-Qaisar
    Version: 6.0
    For some reason, it doesn't work for me? Any tips, author?
    Thanks for reading!
    1. Hex_27
      Author's Response
      In what way does it not work? It may help if you posted the problem in the discussion
  4. WinterMelon
    Version: 6.0
    I love fully configurable things :D
    1. Hex_27
      Author's Response
      Thank you :) But this plugin may update very slowly as nobody's really suggesting anything to add