DeathChest | Unique | Great for PvP/Factions | 1.8.* 1.0

A new way to pickup loot! | Players will love it!

  1. AusCoNetwork

    DeathChest takes your death drops and places them in to a chest, instead of placing them on the ground.


    deathchest.* - Grants you all permissions through one permission!
    deathchest.allow - Allows you access to drop a deathchest! - Allows you access to the /deathchest!
    deathchest.reload - Allows you to reload the DeathChest config!


    /deathchest - Displays some info about DeathChest!
    /deathchest reload - Reloads the DeathChest config!

    Config Explanation

    DeathChest boasts an easy to use config, but if you do happen to get slightly confused or just would like to know what a config option does, you can click the link below.

    Config.yml Explanation



    If you would like to use holograms, please download this if you do not already have holograms installed on your server. If you do not wish to use holograms, set the "holograms-enabled" option in your config to false.

    If you have any suggestions or have found any bugs at all, please don't hesitate to either PM me or post in the discussion section of this resource!