DeathCoordinates | [1.8-1.13] 1.4.1

Teleport you to your death location by clicking on a message on chat!

  1. 1.4.1

    -Updated to 1.13 and 1.13.1 (This version still works with 1.8-1.12).
  2. 1.3.1

    -Added Lava and Void Protection settings on the config.
    When these settings are set to true, players will not be able to teleport to their death locations if lava or void is found nearby.

    -Updated config.yml File
  3. 1.2.0

    -Added error message when trying to go back to death position on invalid world.
    -Fixed update checking.
    -Fixed the /dc tp command on console
  4. 1.1.0

    -The plugin now has support for CraftBukkit :)
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  5. 1.0.3

    -Added the permission: deathcoordinates.message that allows you to see the coordinates of your death location. If you add to a group the teleport permission too, they will be able to click on the message to teleport to their death location.
    -Fixed a bug with /dc tp command on disabled worlds.
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  6. 1.0.2

    -Added an update system that checks when the plugin has been updated.
    -Removed some spanish messages (Sorry about that XD).