DeathDeduction 1.0.1

Simple, lightweight plugin which deducts a configurable amount of money (fixed/percentage) on death.

  1. MegaGTAVMaster

    > Overview:

    DeathDeduction is a simple, lightweight plugin, which deducts a configurable amount of money (fixed or percentage) on death. This plugin requires Vault.

    > Features:
    • Specify the amount of money to deduct, fixed or percentage.
    • Broadcasts a message to the entire server saying the amount of money you lost on death (Can be turned off).
    • Update check and Metrics.
    • More features are planned.
    > Compatibility & Requirements
    > Commands & Permissions:
    • /dd: Shows the plugin version, authors, URL. This command has no permissions.
    • /dd toggle: Enables or disables temporarily the plugin behaviour. deathdeduction.admin
    • /dd reload: Reloads the configuration file. deathdeduction.admin
    > Misc. Permissions:
    • deathdeduction.bypass: Bypasses the penalty you receive on death. Default for OPs.
    > Metrics & Updates
    This plugin uses Hidendra's metrics system. The following data is collected:
    • Java Version;
    • OS Version;
    • Authentication Mode;
    • System Architecture/Cores;
    • Game Version;
    • Server Software.
    Metrics system can be disabled in the configuration file, along with the update check.

Recent Updates

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