DeathInfo 1.1

Tell your players where they died, in a simple way.

  1. ssamjh
    Languages Supported:
    Translate yourself by editing the file.
    This is a very simple resource that simply displays a players death location in the chat. This is a simple mechanic that I have noticed in a bunch of other survival games.

    Currently hardcoded to work with the following worlds, but you should be able to see how to add your own:
    • world
    • world_nether
    • world_the_end

    Skript - Written using version 2.4. Theoretically, it should be compatible with every version that Skript supports.

    /deathinfo - Provides information where the player last died.

Recent Updates

  1. Add message if a player hasn't died yet.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jaeger_Danger
    Version: 1.1
    The other guy, Idk what hes on, but i didn't have any issues with this.

    I also made one similar to this so was glad to see it wasn't a copy :P
  2. neon1203
    Version: 1.1
    Straight up doesn't load and in some cases crashes Skript.
    It also has a messy config.