DeathLightning 3.2

Add lightning fun to your server now! Much more than just lightning strikes upon death.

  1. pleasega

    DeathLightning, the title says it all. It is a simple and lightweight plugin to just add Death Lightnings. Lightning strikes upon death to players who have the permission or are OP.

    In the latest update, there are now much more features and more to just Death Lightnings!


    Simple, Lightweight and Highly Configurable plugin

    Lightning strikes player upon death (Ability to turn off or on in config. Require permission/OP)

    Zombie spawn at player's location upon death (Ability to turn off or on in config. Require permission/OP)

    Lightning strikes mob upon spawning naturally (Type of mob configurable. Ability to turn off or on in config)

    Lightning strikes player upon consuming food defined in config (Ability to turn off or on in config)

    Lightning strikes player upon entering command(s) defined in config (Ability to turn off or on in config. Require permission to disable. Default ALL)

    Number of Lightning Strikes is configurable

    Lightnings may hurt based on config.

    Config reload


    /dlreload | Reloads the configuration file. (Require permission. default OP)


    - deathlightning.strike // Permission to allow lightning to strike the player upon dying. Default OP.

    - deathlightning.zombie // Permission for spawning a zombie upon death. Default OP.

    - deathlightning.nostrikeoncmds // Permission to deny lightning from striking on entering command set in config. Default OP.

    - deathlightning.reload // Permission to allow reloading of config. Default OP.

    - deathlightning.strikeonconsume // Permission to allow the striking of player consuming configured food.

    -deathlightning.lightningiseffect // Toggles if the lightning is an effect or not. Set to false for lightning to hurt.

    Configuration File

    Code (Text):

    #**********By pleasega**********#

    lightningCount: 1
    # Number of lightnings every strike
    # Having too many lightningCounts may cause lag!

    lightningIsEffect: true
    # Choose if lightning will hurt or not!

    deathZombie: true
    # Choose whether to spawn a zombie upon player death or not

    strikeOnMobSpawn: true
    # Choose whether to strike every time a mob spawns or not

    strikeEggSpawned: true
    # Choose whether to strike mobs spawned from spawn eggs or not

    strikeCmdsEnabled: true
    # Choose whether to strike when a player enters a command or not

    # List of commands to strike when entered
      - help
      - pl
      - bukkit:pl
      - plugins
      - gamemode

    # mobList is the list of mobs affecting strikeOnMobSpawn
    # All mobs must be in CAPITAL LETTERS! CaSe SeNsItIvE!
      - ZOMBIE
      - PIG_ZOMBIE
      - CREEPER
      - COW

    strikeOnConsumeEnabled: true
    # Choose whether to strike when player consumes the item configured

    # foodList is the list of consumables where the lightning will strike if player consumes it with the relevant permission
      - BREAD
      - APPLE

    How to install
    1. Download the JAR file by clicking on the Download Now button.
    2. Drag the DeathLightning-3.2.jar into the plugins directory of your minecraft server.
    3. Start your server and the plugin will be doing its work!
    4. Enjoy!
    To update the DeathLightning plugin to a newer version and use its full features, follow the instructions:
    1. Stop your Minecraft server.
    2. Save your config.yml settings.
    3. DELETE the DeathLightning folder and old DeathLightning.JAR.
    4. Place the new DeathLightning JAR into the plugins directory of your Minecraft server.
    5. Start your server.
    6. Manually change your settings back with the reference of your old config.yml settings.
    7. Restart your server or do /dlreload to reload the config.yml
    8. Enjoy!

    Please leave all questions and issues in the discussion!

    Terms & Conditions

    By clicking on the Download Now button or downloading this plugin, you agree to the following:
    • You may not reproduce or redistribute this plugin at any point in time to anywhere, including Spigot.
    • You may not claim to own this plugin.
    • pleasega is the sole developer of this plugin and reserves all rights to this plugin.
    Rate or leave me your review and feedback! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Recent Updates

  1. v3.2 - Lightning's ability to hurt
  2. strikeOnConsume Update!
  3. Bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Pulsi_
    Version: 3.2
    Wow, really nice and funny plugin, hope you will get many Download and likes, good work!
  2. Aoro
    Version: 2.0
    A really good plugin does what it says without any errors.
    I proposed a new idea and the dev has already implemented it!!! :D
    Great support from this developer!
    1. pleasega
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)