[DeathLocker] - Control items on Death 1.6

Players with permission they get a chest after death with the items they had... =)

  1. Macxy

    • What is skript?
    Skript is a plugin that allows you to create scripts that run like plugins in you're server, it's written in English so it can be easily edited / make
    • What is DeathLocker?
    its a script made with {Skript} that can stop players with the permission to drop they're stuff on death.. so they can keep it after re-spawn with 20 ticks player will get a chest when he right click with the chest, it will open gui with all the items / stuff he had before getting killed
    • Features
    1. If player have permission death.locker on death he will not lose items
    2. if player don't have permission on death he will drop all items but you can enable /deathlocker true so it only drop enchanted items
    3. it's complete safe to use it on big servers or small or factions or pvp servers in general i'm using it on my network since 8 days now and it's working great
    Note: I don't allow anyone to use this code for he's skript without giving me credits for my work " If you want add new features contact me i have a lot of free time and i want to do projects for free " !

    • Details:
    When a player dies. it will save all the items "dropped from him", and it will clear it so no one can pick it up "it might be abused that's why i made sure it's getting cleaned after player die"
    then it will give him a chest so he can pick the items he want and remove the stuff that he don't need after opening the chest all the items inside will be saved for him until he close the chest if he had items in the chest after he close it, it's going to be removed{deleted} and it can't be returned

    • Command: /deathlocker <true / false / reload>
    this will enable the drops to be only for enchanted items or all the drops
    if you put it to true only enchanted items going to drop on player death
    if you put it to false all the items will drop from player
    keep in mind this no need for permission this will work perfectly with locker system that this skript made on.. so will work great for {pvp/factions/skypvp servers}


    Code (Text):
    Permission: death.locker
    Details: it will save the player from losing items.
    Permission: death.locker.admin
    Details: it will let you enable or disable the new feature of DeathLocker
    that will only enchanted items to be dropped =)

    i did not add any commands since it will be useless do them
    if you have any ideas feel free to contact me i will add them

    • It will save all the items even the armor slots
    • Message when player re-spawn
    • How the chest look when you open it

    I hope you like the skript i put a lot of hard work on the idea / the topic atself, if you got any ideas or bugs just contact me via pms or skype: craftksa.0503
    i will do my best to help you " i do make custom skripts for servers " sometimes free sometimes i charge for big projects =)


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