[DeathLocker] - Control items on Death 1.6

Players with permission they get a chest after death with the items they had... =)

  1. Added reload command

    Hello guys, i'm here again <3 :D

    I'm planning on update coming soon for the list of features this skript have..
    pls tell me what is missing or what it need to be added.
    you can contact me via pm's or join my discord server u will find it on the top of my topic.. it's for support / helping each other to make awesome community :D

    Update details:
    - added reload command
    - added message to config for reload command
    - no issues until now :)
  2. Added Support for UUID / You can edit permissions now

    Not a huge update:
    • Added Support for uuid
    • Added that option to edit "Permissions"
    - If you want my support + ask me for help on anything.
    join my server in Discord " https://discord.gg/0mugGTeu4W77x1so "
    I'll post updates / up coming features / want premium skripts?
    just hit me up and i'll make them for u :)
  3. Yay new idea added.

    Hello, all requests i received i'll add them just contact me and leave a good review that will help too :)

    new update added new command
    /deathlocker {true or false}
    this will enable if players on death will drop all the items they have or only the enchanted items this is good way for pvp servers / factions

    Permission for the command is
  4. Added Options for easy editing messages / GUI Name / Item on respawn

    New Update no glitch found .. or bugs =)
    but I'm doing a little config for you newbies to skript


    open the skript with notepad++
    u find Options section as marked in image
    Here is the config atself:
    Code (Text):
        SkriptPrefix: &7[&5DeathLocker&7]&f
        Message_On_Respawn: &7Wait until Items are loaded
        Message_Warning: &7If you open the locker and closed it all the items inside will be lost forever!
        Message_NoPerm: &7You got no...
  5. Removed zip file added only the sk file.