DeathMessagesPrime 1.13.12

Allows the formatting of all death messages

  1. CosmoConsole
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    is a simple-to-use but still versatile death message plugin. It allows to freely format and modify all death messages in Minecraft to date.

    CraftBukkit is NOT supported. Please use Spigot instead. This plugin requires the BungeeCord API for messages, which is not present on CraftBukkit.

    Want to...
    • ...change the death message for someone being blown up a creeper?
    • ...have multiple different death message choices depending on whether people die from a short or long fall?
    • ...add a custom message only for one of your VIP players for dying after being shoved into the void?
    No problem, this plugin can handle all of those cases.

    /dmsg allows to reload the configuration. The permission node deathmessagesprime.reload controls the ability to do so.

    /toggledeathmsg allows players to toggle displaying death messages to themselves, with the deathmessagesprime.toggle permission. Note that this permission is originally for OPs only, which is not what you may want.

    The plugin also has a debug mode which can be enabled from the configuration to aid solving conflicts.

    Examples of some versatile features of this plugin:

    • Allows distinguishing between non-named and named mobs in death messages and displaying forms of them in the death messages.
    • Separates normal and elder Guardians.
    • Supports CrackShot (kind of)
    • Allows to disable PVP and non-PVP messages in specific worlds
    • A world group feature to display death messages in a specific world in its group only
    • Multiple death messages for each reason
    • Biome in death messages
    • Distinguishes between short and long fall kills (like Minecraft does, compare "hit the ground too hard" and "fell from a high place")
    • Allows to specify death messages when 'pushed' by a mob or player
    • Allows changing lightning/enderpearl death messages (same in vanilla Minecraft as fire tick/fall messages)
    • Supports player display names in messages
    • Custom messages for mobs with specific names, per regex (therefore support for custom bosses)
    • Supports item tooltips for when the weapon is displayed in a message
    • Death messages within a radius and 1&1 (only killer and victim receives the message) for PVP deaths
    • heart-compat-mode for plugins that may display a health bar as the mob name
    • API for addons with events and custom tag support (with javadocs)

    Common problems/questions & solutions
    Hearts appear in the death message instead of the mob's name
    Enable heart-compat-mode from within the configuration file (from false to true).

    Various conflicts with compat-mode on or off
    If you're a plugin developer and you modify the death message in PlayerDeathEvent, make sure your plugin's event priority is less than HIGHEST, which is the priority DMP uses to detect and solve conflicts.

    If you are a server administrator, you should contact the developers of both plugins, if possible. DMP so far has a fairly advanced mechanism for detecting conflicts, but it's not perfect.

    Add support for plugin X!!!
    You should ask the developer of plugin X: DMP has an API. In fact, no API whatsoever is needed, as long as the other plugin uses the standard setDeathMessage via PlayerDeathEvent on any priority lower than HIGHEST, and no extra DMP features (such as messages within DMP configs) are needed.

    invalid character, unacceptable code point, special characters are not allowed...
    Use a text editor that supports UTF-8. Most modern editors and even some older ones should support it (note that Notepad does not fully support it). If your editor does support it, make sure you're saving the file as UTF-8 (the exact steps depend on your text editor).

    ClassNotFoundException: net.md_5.bungee.api...
    You are likely running CraftBukkit, which is not supported by this plugin. Please migrate to Spigot instead.

    Official & featured plugins
    The plugins below may require DeathMessagesPrime or provide extra functionality if it is installed.
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Recent Reviews

  1. FlailoftheLord
    Version: 1.13.10
    Absolutely great plugin, works like a charm, i hope you keep updating it for all the new mc/spigot releases!
  2. IOI_ConstructOr
    Version: 1.13.10
    Hello ! You have made an a great plugin ! But can i get an a french version of this plugin ? Thanks !
  3. Papa_02
    Version: 1.13.8
    very good plugin but you should add a variable so you can see what life was the killer
    1. CosmoConsole
      Author's Response
      I will consider adding this feature, thank you for the suggestion.
  4. PepijnGamer
    Version: 1.13.8
    Nice plugin, does what it needs to do. Good Job! --> but i'll like if the bug with DiscordSRV will be fixed (Death Messages Not Showing in Discord When Using This Plugin.)
    1. CosmoConsole
      Author's Response
      You should ask the DIscordSRV plugin creator or try to lower the priority under config.yml.
  5. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: 1.13.5
    exelent update please add support for Health Bar bug in the chat name of the mob
    1. CosmoConsole
      Author's Response
      Please try enabling heart-compat-mode in the configuration.
  6. ItzTwist3d
    Version: 1.13.2
    Plugin works great, Use this for my serer and it does exctly what i expected. .
  7. Asqhal
    Version: 1.13.2
    can u support MyPet name
    1. CosmoConsole
      Author's Response
      Try to ask the MyPet developer; DeathMessagesPrime has an API.
  8. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: 1.12.28
    exelent plugin have a lang in spanish please .
  9. Lightern
    Version: 1.12.25
    1.11,1.12. All working, plugin is great ang highly customizable. Definitely recommend.
    Version: 1.12.22
    Just add Clips PlaceHoldersAPI cuz bridge doesnt work with 1.8.