DeathMessagesPrime 1.13.12

Allows the formatting of all death messages

  1. Add worlds-pvp-death-message-radius

    This feature allows setting a death message radius for PVP death messages only. Config changes:

    config-version upped to 43.
    Added this section under worlds-death-message-radius:
    Code (YAML):

    # Similar to the above, but this only controls PVP messages (not natural
    # death messages). If both are set, the above worlds-death-message-radius
    # will affect the natural messages and this one will affect the PVP messages.
    # In order to only have a PVP message radius: add the world here only.
    # In...
  2. Fixed Endermite mob-names mapping

    It was simply missing from the plugin, but should work now. No config changes should be needed, although it's recommended you check Endermite under mob-names as it can actually appear now.
  3. Fix NPE in format

    This occurred with some unnamed weapons, but should be fixed now.
  4. Implement rarity & fix mooshroom

    Implemented the item rarity system where the item text color will change depending on how "rare" the item is. This system should use the same values as Minecraft itself.

    Mooshroom death messages should also work now.

    Config changes:
    config-version upped to 42.
    Added under "death-message-enable-namedmob":
    Code (YAML):
    # Show the rarity of items in the %weapon_name% and %weapon% tags.
    # (This affects the text colors and formatting for some items, such
    # as enchanted ones.)
    # Default: true...
  5. Fix NPE and add CreeperCharged

    Fixes a (fairly stupid) NPE on Minecraft versions older than 1.13 and adds a CreeperCharged feature.

    Config changes:
    config-version upped to 42.
    Added CreeperCharged under Creeper (to under mob and namedmob), which by default uses the same messages as Creeper.
  6. Added death-message-item-flags

    Added a death-message-item-flags feature that allows adding ItemFlags to the items shown under %weapon%.

    Config changes:
    config-version upped to 41.

    Following has been added under death-message-enable-namedmob:
    Code (YAML):
    # Allows applying item flags on items that appear in death messages.
    # Note that this feature only works on Minecraft 1.8 and above.
    # Possible flags are documented under
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  7. Small fix of adding a fallback in case of a too long message

    If a JSON message would turn out too long (which could prevent the server from sending it or possibly even kicking out players), DMP will now remove all JSON formatting (such as item hover events and so on) to avoid that from happening. (This is a last case scenario and should not occur normally, however.)
  8. Fix everything that 1.13.4 broke

    All of which was caused a silly small coding mistake.
  9. Small API change

    getTag() will now return the original death message tag initially. This doesn't affect how the plugin works without any add-ons.
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  10. Added death-message-enable-namedmob

    Config-version has been upped from 39 to 40. Changes:

    Added a new config option under death-message-conflict-broadcast, death-message-enable-namedmob, which is true by default.

    Code (Text):

    # Whether to enable namedmob messages. If disabled, namedmob messages
    # will not be shown and will be replaced with mob.
    # Default: true
    death-message-enable-namedmob: true