Hardcore deathbanning to the next level... Keep your players online!

  1. eqx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    What is a deathroom exactly?

    Deathroom is a plugin that is very similar to hardcore deathbans but instead of being kicked from the server and put into boredom, they can stay on the server in a fancy room and continue to chatting with friends or even fight with other deathbanned players!

    Deathroom comes with many customization features, such as a custom deathban message, custom signs around the death room and more. You can even configure the tiniest things to perfect the plugin the way that you want it to be and make your server unique!
    Demonstration Video(s)

    We currently do not have any videos showing the plugin, if you would like to make one, or have already made one, shoot me a private message on spigot with the video link!
    Upcoming Features

    * Even more customization features!
    * EOTW Mode.
    * Revive death ban players /lives revive <player>.

    * dbans.staff access to the staff commands (Required so a admin would have this and dbans.admin).
    * dbans.staff.ban allows you to use /dbans ban <player>.
    * dbans.staff.lives allows you to edit someones lives.
    * dbans.admin for the admin commands.
    * dbans..bypass bypass the deathbeds.


    Main commands: /dbans and /lives
    * /dbans check <player> - Returns player ban time.
    * /dbans <revive/ban> <player> - Ban or revive the player.
    * /dbans lives <add/remove> <player> <amount> - Give player lives or remove.
    * /dbans lives check <player> - Returns their lives.
    * /dbans admin arena <setregion/setkit> - Set the arena region/kit.

    * /dbans admin setspawnpoint <spawn/deathban> - Set the spawnpoints.
    * /dbans admin setitem <info/lives> - Set the deathban items.

    * /lives send <player> <amount> - Send your friend a life.
    * /lives check - See how many lives you have.

    * /dbans <player> <amount> - Gives lives to that player.
    [timer] - Shows the amount of time left.
    [lives] - Shows your lives count.

    Setup / Requirements
    Soft depends on combat tag + installed and Factions (HCFactions) for support of CT+ Logout NPCs.

    Go though all the admin commands.
    Setup all the configs.

Recent Reviews

  1. Rouvb
    Can you support placeholderapi??
    I need the pleaceholderapi for display timer in scoreboard
  2. coolpvpv
    doesn't work the lives dont go down when you get killed and other stuff dont use this
    1. eqx
      Author's Response
      Was there any errors in logs?