Deathsafe 1.2.1

Inventories Kept on Death

  1. Michael Lefebvre

    This is a simple plugin which runs on your server. It changes the fact that inventories no longer drop on death. They are stored and re-added to your inventory on respawn.

    This is controlled by a permission node give to whomever you would like to keep their inventories on death.

    This plugin is lightweight and does not generate a config. (YET)

    Warning - If the member clicks disconnect while dead the items will be lost in the void.


    - deathsafe.keep (Needed for this plugin to take effect on a player or group)


    /deathsafe (Displays Plugin info and weather you have the permission or not)

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  1. HellFyreKurayami
    Version: 1.2
    As the main contributor. This plugin run successfully as to control the inventory keep rule. It is a great resource on our server. If any issue arise from the plugin please message me :D