DeathSigns add-on for Libs Hungergames 1.5

Add a death sign when a player is killed

  1. Pyr0x3n
    This plugin require Lib's Hungergames installed on your server.

    Tested with spigot 1.7.9 #1463 , Lib's Hungergames 5.4.2

    Place a death sign on the spot of a murdered player.... Thats it!

    Created this plugin for fun after this post:

    Pretty useless (and annoying?).... but maybe someone need it!

    Where can I see this plugin in action:

    Code (Text):

    # Place here the text you want be displayed on sign for every lines
    # You can use color codes. &b is aqua, &f is white and so on....
    # You can use variable %Killed% for the killed player, %Killer% for the killer player

    #Char:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  <-Remember use a maximum of 15 characters per line, included color!
    line1: '&b%Killed%'
    line2: '&fwas killed by'
    line3: '&4%Killer%'
    line4: 'while rampaging'

    # If the player is killed by a mob or other non player event what do you call it?
    # No color here!
    nonPlayerKiller: 'the hand of God'

    # If true the sign will be set att the highest point above ground, that is if you died on a cave the sign will be on surface
    # If false the sign will spawn on ground of site of death
    getHighestBlockY: true

    # Are Death Signs protected against griefing?
    signProtected: true
    # What message do you send to people griefing death signs
    griefingMessage: '&aPlease, Have some respect for the dead tributes!'
    # Do you want to punish griefer?
    punishGriefer: true
    # How many half hearts drop in punishment
    punishment: 2

Recent Updates

  1. update to 1.5
  2. update to 1.2
  3. Update to 1.1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Bolean
    Version: 1.5
    After the game finish does the sign will be remove
    1. Pyr0x3n
      Author's Response
      this plugin is dependent of libshungergames, the world is deleted by libshungergames every new start, so the answer is yes
  2. cartose777
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin! Very funny XD Even though you should make it R.I.P instead of R. i P. Some OCD people may look at this :P
    1. Pyr0x3n
      Author's Response
      Thanks, added the possibility to change text in config.