DeathSigns add-on for Libs Hungergames 1.5

Add a death sign when a player is killed

  1. update to 1.5

    -Added the possibility to protect Death Signs
    -Added send a message to Death Signs griefer
    -Added the possibility to punish griefer with choosable amount of heart damage.

    The config have new data, please update your config (see on frontage) or remove it to recreate it
  2. update to 1.2

    - Cleaned som code.
    - Added the possibility to choose if the sign is spawned above ground (highest point on location) or in the location spot if underground (i.e. in caves).
    - Added a Stone block under the sign, serve as tomb and get the possibility to have sign spawned on water or lava surface.
  3. Update to 1.1.1

    - Fix %killer% not being displayed
    - Code cleaning
  4. update to 1.1