DeathSpectating 2.1.2

Spectate your killer briefly before respawning, similarily to most FPS games

  1. 2.1.2

    • Check if player was set to spectator gamemode when starting death spectating. Plugins can cancel this - a console message will print if this is the case.
    • Include plugin and bukkit server version on caught exception.
  2. 2.1.1

    setTicksLived accepts only a value of 1 or greater. (Fixes a bug that prevents players from respawning.)
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  3. 2.1

    FYI, this plugin (as of version 2.0) works better on Paper. Paper has a cancelable death event, which is far more reliable to use instead of trying to hack our way around the EntityDamageEvent and faking a death event. The 2.0 refactor uses this to provide a more reliable and compatible handling of the death event.

    New in 2.1:
    • CB/Spigot compatibility
    • Reset ticksLived on respawn
    • Cleaned up unused code from 2.0 update
    New in 2.0:
    • ...
  4. 1.4.2

    Should've been 1.3.1, oh well. This just "fixes" a couple of "issues."
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  5. 1.3

    Minor stuff for the most part.
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  6. 1.2

    Added hit sound, death sound, which both don't play normally for obvious reasons (canceled/player never "dies.")
  7. 1.1.3

    some more compatibility and debugging for race conditions(?)
  8. 1.1.2

    Fixed yet another typo, this time with the "compatibility" feature
  9. 1.1.1

    • Potential compatibility with 1.10, 1.9, 1.8 and below(?)
    • Fix typo in check for items with vanishing_curse enchant.
  10. 1.1


    If you are using the DeathSpectatingTitles addon, please remove it before updating!

    Other changes noted in the download link