DeathStand [1.8 - 1.17] 1.5

Spawns a body after death so you don't lose your items.

  1. Bug fixed and 1.17 update

    Updated the plugin to the 1.17 version.

    Fixed a bug where a player could get heads from other players' stands.
  2. New features and bug fixes!

    Hey, sorry for taking so long to post a new update. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it and if you like it, don't forget to leave a review.
    • Added support for older versions.
    • Now it also saves your experience.
    • Fixed a bug where it says a message and restart the timer (to remove you body) everytime you click on your body.
    • Fixed a bug with permissions.
    • Fixed a bug where it sometimes shows an error in the console when interacting with an armor stand.
  3. New features and bugs fixed!

    Hey! Sorry for tooking so long for this update. Today I'm presenting a few new features and some bug fixes:
    (You will need to delete your "DeathStand" file to make this work properly!)

    • New Commands: /dstand remove <player> --> remove a specific player stand | /dstand removeoff --> remove all offline players stands | /dstand help --> shows this command list.
    • Fixed a bug where players weren't able to place armors and items in other armor stands.
    • Fixed a bug where if a player...
  4. Bug fixed

    Fixed a bug where the inventory did not open when right clicked.
  5. Fixed some issues.

    Changed some wrong things in the plugin.