DeathSwap [2+ Players and loads of features!] 1.1

DeathSwap is a simple plugin where players try to kill their opponents when the "swap" happens.

  1. legoboygavin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    DeathSwap is a simple plugin where players try to kill their opponents when the "swap" happens. This version of DeathSwap supports more than 2 people.

    How to start:
    The first step is to configure the plugin. Every update may add new features so make sure you have your configuration file up to date.
    Code (Text):

    # Enables or disables portals during the game.
    portalsEnabled: false

    # The time in seconds between each swap
    swapTime: 60

    # If enabled the swap time will happen between the minSwapTime and maxSwapTime.
    # The swapTime listed above will no longer be taken into consideration.
    enableMinMaxSwap: false

    # Minimum time to wait before a swap
    minSwapTime: 60

    # Maximum time to wait before a swap
    maxSwapTime: 400

    # The chance during a swap the teleportation will be canceled
    cancelSwapChance: 0

    # The time the game should start warning players a swap will take place soon.
    swapWarningTime: 10

    # The time in seconds for the grace period
    gracePeriod: 60

    # If enabled a scoreboard will appear in the right hand corner displaying the time left before a swap
    # Note if enabled it can not be disabled for the entire game. If you want to disable it again wait for
    # the game to be over, change it to false and then reload the configuration file (/ds rl). The scoreboard
    # should then disappear once the next game starts. Note: If you do disable is during a game and reload
    # the configuration file the scoreboard will stay there but will not countdown anymore.
    displayTimeLeft: false

    # If enabled warning messages will appear during a game if a player attempts to cheat during a live game.
    # The messages will not be shown if the game is not running
    antiCheat: true

    When you have more than 2 or more players on the server type /start. This will automatically begin the game. If you wish to end the game early simply type /end.

    • /start - start a new game
    • /end - end the current game
    • /ds rl - reload the configuration file. (this will update live in game)
    • /tp <player> - teleport to a player when in spectator mode
    • /info - get information about the game and players
    Feel free to edit and use any part of the source code. The link is above.

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Recent Reviews

  1. xTheGeo
    Version: 1.1
    SO GOOD! It's the only plugin that i found which actually works! THANKS SO MUCH!!
    1. legoboygavin
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the feedback! I am glad you enjoy the plugin. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in it, and I would be more than happy to try and add it.