DeathSwap 1.1.3

Minigame in which 2 or more players are swapped to eachothers locations: Last One Standing

  1. Minecraftmage113
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    • 1.16
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    Minecraftmage113 (AKA Mindarius, Hoohoo2)
    DeathSwap is a minigame in which 2 (or more) players are randomly teleported to a different player's position at regular intervals. They attempt to kill the other players by placing them into traps with these swaps rather than through traditional PvP.

    Originally created by SethBling(citation needed), this version of the minigame expands it to be playable by more than 2 players as well as having a few customization options such as interval duration and a random teleport at the start

    Any feedback relating to the plugin (or general formatting of this page and the github) would be highly appreciated, thank you.

    /RTP - Teleports the player to a random location
    /Rule <rule> <value> - sets a game setting
    /Start - by default needs to be issued by an operator or from console, initiates a game if there are 2+ players online.
    /Spec <player> - teleports a player in spectator to the target player.
    doubleFirst <true/false> - If true the interval before the first swap is doubled, allowing more time for players to prepare.
    freeze <true/false> - If true, players are frozen in their starting position for a 10 second countdown prior to game start.
    anyoneStart <true/false> - If true allows any player to issue '/start'
    randomStart <true/false> - If true players are teleported to random locations on game start. If false they are swapped to a different player's position (helps balance if a player got online earlier and is trying to set themselves up)
    radius <positive whole number> - the maximum distance along the x and z axis from the world spawn that a player should be sent to when issuing '/rtp' or being randomly teleported at the start of a game.
    interval <positive whole number> - the duration in seconds between each swap
    killInterval <positive whole number> - the duration after a swap that a player dying should be considered another player's intentional kill. (and thus be attributed in chat)
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