DeepStoragePlus [1.13-1.16] 1.9.1

Store bulk items in one slot! (Applied Energistics 2 mini-clone)

  1. bug fix

    fixed issues with hopper output + incompatibilities between bukkit and paper hopper functionalities regarding DSP
  2. feature addition

    added optional max wireless range
  3. bug fixes

    bug fix - 1.8.7 - fixed container sort + optimized ID sort
    misc - 1.8.6 - touched up optimizations from 1.8.5
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  4. bug fixes + optimizations

    bug fix - fixed alphanumeric sorting
    bug fix - fixed hopper output not updating DSU properly
    misc - tweaked 1.8.4 optimizations to update faster without impacting server performance
    misc - closing the IO settings menu will automatically reopen the DSU
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  5. optimizations

    massive optimizations made to item insertion and removal
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  6. bug fix

    removed debug statements, fixed music disk 11 and 13 breaking the item detection and counting system
  7. bug fix

    fixed issue with music disc 13 and 11 breaking the item detection and counting system in DSUs
  8. optimizations

    added optimizations to the process off adding already existing items to the DSU
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  9. bug fix

    fixed potential bug with lock detection on creating DSUs
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  10. feature addition

    added DSU "owners"
    only the owner of the DSU can edit lock permissions, and can open the DSU no matter what.
    the owner is decided by whoever opens the DSU first after creating it.
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