DeepStoragePlus 1.6.6

Store bulk items in one slot! (Applied Energistics 2 mini-clone)

  1. DarkMonolith
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Dependency: CustomRecipeAPI
    You need to download CustomRecipeAPI and put it in your plugins folder for this plugin to run

    [​IMG]DeepStoragePlus Is a mini-clone of the very popular mod Applied Energistics. This plugin includes the bulk storage feature of AE, and may have more features coming in the future.
    DeepStoragePlus helps you store bulk items in a Deep Storage Unit, and implements "Storage Containers" which are super easy to move in your inventory.
    In the above image, we can see that a Storage Container with 1K storage space is full with 7 types, and has more space for items. Storage containers are super easy to move around, as mentioned above, which means you can just take the container out of the DSU and keep it elsewhere. (Note, only the DSU can manipulate the items inside the Storage Container)

    - Hopper Input/Output
    - Inventory Sorting
    - Custom Recipes
    - Wireless Terminal
    - Locking + Whitelist
    - Easy Item Movement (using storage containers)

    - Realistic, not too OP

    There are Many important recipes to know, so I've made a docs page for more info here: DOCS PAGE (not being updated anymore. CustomRecipeAPI 1.1.0 has a recipe book)

    If you're running the latest versions of DeepStoragePlus and CustomRecipeAPI, there is a recipe book that shows all these recipes. Check it out on the CustomRecipeAPI page.

    description: Allows the user to create a DSU
    default: op
    description: Allows the user to open locked DSUs
    default: op
    description: Allows the use of CustomRecipeAPI commands
    default: op
    description: Allows the use of CustomRecipeAPI recipe book
    default: op

    Following in the spirit of AE, Storage Containers have a max storage, and a max data types amount. Due to the size of a double chest, I've limited the types to 7. This cannot be changed to anything higher.
    There's also a custom texture pack that will be prompted upon joining the server with the plugin enabled. I HIGHLY recommend using it. This plugin is very ugly without it enabled, and it's super light. Takes about 3 seconds to load.
    if the player breaks the DSU, the DSU will be lost. The Storage Containers will drop on the floor, and no data will be lost, however the DSU feature will be lost, and another Loader Wrench will be required to make another.

    Code (Text):

    loadresourcepack: true
    resourcepackmessage: true
    prefix: "&f&l[&9&lDeepStoragePlus&f&l]"

    faileddownload: "This plugin will be hard to use without the very light resource pack that's designed for it."
    downloadhere: "Download it here:"
    containersfull: "Storage containers are full"
    dsuioconfig: "DSU IO Configuration"
    input: "Input"
    all: "all"
    output: "Output"
    none: "none"
    sortingby: "Sorting By"
    container: "container"
    dsuwalls: "dsu Walls"
    emptystorageblock: "Empty Storage Block"
    empty: "empty"
    storagecontainer: "Storage Container"
    currentstorage: "Current Storage"
    currenttypes: "Current Types"
    onlydefaultitems: "You can only store default items in the dsu"
    specialcrafting: "Special Crafting"
    storagecell: "Storage Cell"
    storageloader: "Deep Storage Loader"
    clickempty: "Click on an empty double chest"
    tocreatedsu: "to create a deep storage unit"
    onetimeuse: "One-time use."
    amount: "amount"
    alpha: "alpha"
    nomorespace: "No more space for items in your inventory"
    clicktoclear: "Click on this slot to clear selection."
    changesorting: "Click to change sorting type."
    sortscontainer: "sorts in order of items in storage containers."
    sortsalpha: "sorts in alphabetical order."
    sortsamount: "sorts by descending amount of items."
    sortsid: "sorts by ID number."
    clicktostart: "Click on this slot to start selection."
    clickinput: "Then click an item in the dsu to input via hopper"
    leaveasall: "Leave as 'all' to allow all items."
    clickoutput: "Then click an item in the dsu to output via hopper."
    dsucreate: "Deep Storage Unit successfully created"
    chestmustbedouble: "The chest must be a double chest"
    chestmustbeempty: "The chest must be empty"
    nopermission: "You do not have permission to create a dsu!"
    receiver: "Wireless Receiver"
    terminal: "Wireless Terminal"
    unlinked: "Unlinked"
    linked: "Linked"
    clicktolink: "Right click on a DSU to link with it"
    dsunolongerthere: "Your DSU is no longer there"
    cantopenin: "You can't open that in"
    shiftswap: "Shift + Swap Item to Unlink"
    world: "World"
    locked: "Locked"
    unlocked: "Unlocked"
    leftclicktoadd: "Left Click to add users to DSU"
    rightclicktoremove: "Right Click to unlock and remove all users"
    notallowedtoopen: "You are not allowed to open that DSU"
    entername: "Enter username to add to lock"

    Code (Text):
    loadresourcepack: true
    resourcepackmessage: true
    prefix: "&f&l[&9&l深度儲存+&f&l]"

    faileddownload: "這個插件將很難運行如果沒有使用為它設計的輕量級的材質包."
    downloadhere: "在這裡下載:"
    containersfull: "儲存容器已滿"
    dsuioconfig: "深度儲存輸入/輸出配置"
    input: "輸入"
    all: "全部"
    output: "輸出"
    none: "無"
    sortingby: "Sorting By"
    container: "容器"
    dsuwalls: "佔位牆"
    emptystorageblock: "空的儲存格"
    empty: "空的"
    storagecontainer: "儲存容器"
    currentstorage: "目前存量"
    currenttypes: "目前類型"
    onlydefaultitems: "你只能存放已存在的物品"
    specialcrafting: "特殊合成台"
    storagecell: "儲存元件"
    storageloader: "深度儲存載入器"
    clickempty: "在大箱子上點擊"
    tocreatedsu: "創建一個深度儲存單元"
    onetimeuse: "一次性使用"
    amount: "數量"
    alpha: "字母"
    nomorespace: "你的背包滿了"
    clicktoclear: "點擊這個格子清除已選擇的物品"
    changesorting: "點擊更換分類類型"
    sortscontainer: "按順序排列儲存容器中的物品"
    sortsalpha: "按字母順序排列"
    sortsamount: "按物品數量降序排列"
    sortsid: "按數字ID排列"
    clicktostart: "點擊這個格子選擇"
    clickinput: "然後點擊一個物品透過漏斗輸入"
    leaveasall: "保留'全部'允許所有物品"
    clickoutput: "然後點擊一個物品透過漏斗輸出"
    dsucreate: "深度儲存單元成功創建"
    chestmustbedouble: "請使用大箱子"
    chestmustbeempty: "箱子必須是空的"
    nopermission: "你沒有權限創建深度儲存單元!"
    receiver: "無線接收器"
    terminal: "無限終端"
    unlinked: "未連接"
    linked: "已連接"
    clicktolink: "點擊一個深度儲存單元來連接"
    dsunolongerthere: "你的深度儲存單元已不在那裡了"
    cantopenin: "你不能開啟他在"
    shiftswap: "Shift+切換物品斷開連接"
    world: "世界"
    locked: "已鎖定"
    unlocked: "未鎖定"
    leftclicktoadd: "左鍵添加一個用戶到深度儲存單元"
    rightclicktoremove: "右鍵開放給所有用戶"
    notallowedtoopen: "你不被允許開啟深度儲存單元"
    entername: "在聊天室輸入用戶名添加到白名單"

    Planned Potential Features:
    - IO Speed Upgrades
    - Recipe Book - Done! Supported by CustomRecipeAPI
    - Maximum DSUs per person? (will be optional)
    - DSU Locking feature - Done! Version 1.6.0
    - Crafting terminal upgrade - will look into possibility
    - Wireless terminal - Done! Version 1.5.0

    Donate to support my work here -> DONATE

    Join my discord server for help/suggestions. I'm active there every day.

    Tutorial Video - Basics:


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