DefensiveTurrets | Defend Yourself using Turrets! [1.8-1.14] 3.3.1

Mechanic in which users can place and upgrade Turrets to defend themselves against enemies

  1. 3.3.1

    -Added receive_turret_on_destroy option. If this option is enabled, players will receive the Turret block when destroying it. Doesn't keep the upgrades.
    -Added compatibility for FactionsUUID.
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  2. 3.2.1

    -Added blacklisted_worlds option.
    -Fixed bug making items unbreakable when clicking on ammo inventory.
  3. 3.1.1

    -Added turrets_global_check_time option to fix and remove turrets which were destroyed by external sources, like WorldEdit. You can define the time of this periodical check in the config.
    -Added ignore_damage_to_invisible_players option.
    -Fixed: Players in creative and spectator mode will not be shot by turrets anymore.
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  4. 3.0.1

    -Added Ammunition for Turrets option.
    -Added /dt giveammo <turret> <jugador> <amount> command to give Ammunition to players.
    -Added activation button for Turrets. You can enable or disable one of your turrets whenever you want. This will be needed to add ammo to your turret.
    -Modified the informationHologram message (Added %error% variable. This...
  5. 2.3.3

    -Added permission to open other people's turrets.
    -Fixed error in 1.13+ versions when trying to add whitelisted players to a turret.
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  6. 2.3.2

    -Added walls_better_check option. When enabled, more blocks will be checked to determine if there are obstacles between an entity and the turret. The performance could decrease a little bit.
    -Fixed holograms in 1.14.X.
    -Fixed Laser Turret when power is set to 0.
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  7. 2.3.1

    -Added towny_ally_compatibility option. When enabled, towny allies will not be attacked by your turrets.
  8. 2.2.1

    -Added Player Inventory for each Turret: Here you can define a list of whitelisted players which the turret should not attack.
    -Fixed compatibility bug with different Factions versions.
    -Fixed factions check with Siege Turret.
  9. 2.1.2

    -Fixed bug when detecting targets in 1.8 versions.
    -Fixed error when not using Factions.
  10. 2.1.1

    -Added support for SavageFactions
    -Fixed hologram y location in 1.14 versions.
    -Fixed bug when OP players remove turrets
    -Fixed target: Shulkers
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