Dehydration 1.1


  1. BeatZinK

    Add dehydration mechanics to your server. This means that if players become too thirsty, they will die of dehydration. Players can hydrate by right-clicking a water bottle (drinking). The exp bar number shows the hydration level. Dehydration can be enabled/disabled in any world you choose.

    • Add thirst and dehydration mechanics to your server.
    • Set the maximum hydration level and customise hydration warning messages.
    • Enable and disable these mechanics in any world you chose.
    • Give donors access to "/drink" command to replenish their hydration level.
    • Admins can replenish other users' hydration with a simple command.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand config file and data file.
    • Custom dehydration death message!
    • Built-in auto-updater.
    • /drink | Restores your hydration to maximum. | dehydration.drink
    • /drink <username> | Restores another users' hydration level | dehydration.drink.other
    • /dehydration reload | Reloads the plugin and configuration file | Operators

    Code (Text):
    Max-Hydration: 20
    Hydration-10: '&bI''ll need something to drink soon.'
    Hydration-1: '&cI desperately need water!'
    Rehydrate-Message: '&aYou are now rehydrated.'
    Dying-Message: '&4You are dying of dehydration!'
    Death-Message: '&f&p died from dehydration!'
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end

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