Dehydration 1.1

Add thirst and dehydration mechanics to your server!

  1. Ninstet
    This plugin allows you to setup worlds in your server which have dehydration mechanics enabled on your server. This means that if players become too thirsty they will die of dehydration. This plugin and its messages are highly configurable. The plugin uses the exp bar number as the hydration level, when that number goes below 1, you start to die. Players can rehydrate themselves by drinking out of water bottles.

    Click HERE for commands, permissions & full documentation.


    • Add thirst and dehydration mechanics to your server.
    • Set the maximum hydration level and customise hydration warning messages.
    • Enable and disable these mechanics in any world you chose.
    • Give donors access to "/drink" command to replenish their hydration level.
    • Admins can replenish other users' hydration with a simple command.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand config file and data file.
    • Custom dehydration death message!
    • A '/dehydration reload' command.
    • An auto-updater.

    Code (Text):
    Max-Hydration: 20
    Hydration-10: '&bI''ll need something to drink soon.'
    Hydration-1: '&cI desperately need water!'
    Rehydrate-Message: '&aYou are now rehydrated.'
    Dying-Message: '&4You are dying of dehydration!'
    Death-Message: '&f&p died from dehydration!'
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end