Delayed Kill 1.0

Kill a player with a delay!

  1. Raira
    Delayed Kill
    What is it?
    Delayed kill is a light-weight plugin that kills a player after a certain amount of time which you can change in the config.yml file.
    What is this useful for?
    This is a tool for admins to maybe punish a hacker in a fun way because they get confused. If set in config, they will not be warned if they have been targeted or if they will die.
    This can also come in handy for instance, in an event where people have a certain amount of time to do something before they die. (Not finished, read to do)

    Simply drag the DelayedKill.jar file into your server plugins folder. Run or reload the server and a folder with the plugin's name will be created inside the plugins folder, there you can change 3 settings. These are:
    - Delay
    - Message telling the player that they were killed by a delayed kill
    - Warn the targeted player if a delayed kill has been executed upon them.

    Commands and permissions:
    • /delayedkill, /dk: Main command. Usage: /delayedkill or /dk to run it upon youself or /delayedkill ot /dk <Player> to run it upon another player.
    To do:
    Argument to run the dealayed kill on all players on the server.