DelayedCommand 1.1.1

Delay commands before their execution

  1. Sabbertran
    This plugin only works with Minecraft 1.8!

    DelayedCommand let's you delay commands before they get executed.
    When the command gets send, the player has to stand still for a configurable amount before the command gets executed

    • Custom delay for all commands
    • Fully configurable messages
    • No moving allowed when waiting for the command to be executed

    1. Drop the JAR-file into your plugin folder
    2. Restart your server or load the plugin using a plugin manager
    3. config.yml: configure the messages
    4. delayedCommands.yml: configure the delay for all the commands you want
    5. Restart your server or reload the plugin using a plugin manager
    6. Done
    • Bypass the delay - delayedcommand.bypass

    More Links

    [​IMG] Source on Github
    [​IMG] Twitch (Development Livestreams)
    [​IMG] Twitter
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