DelCasino 2020-07-18

A casino plugin with animation and economics

  1. ImAnewAPI
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    LogoMakr_4rVNY5.png [​IMG]

    Thirsty for the thrill of gambling? Do you desire the thrill of the adrenaline pumping for every second as the casino spins its slots?


    DelCasino is a gambling plugin that will extinguish your thirst for the intense thrill of gambling! With an easy to use editing menu, easy to use config files, and a clear instruction guide, DelCasino is simple to setup.

    I have written a short, yet, detailed, guide on how to setup and use DelCasino's commands. I highly suggest that you read it through the google doc here.

    You may also join my discord server for help:

    It is extremely important that you have a working version of Vault as it's a dependency.


    Code (YAML):

    casino.admin - required for every command except /casino menu  - required to have access to /casino menu.
    Coming features:
    - Built in NPCs for each casino
    - Player vs Player gambling; with items and money
    - Lottery

    Any additional information can be found in the aforementioned guide.