DeluxeHub 3 - Professional Hub Management 3.3.8

Your all-in-one, essential and professional hub core

  1. ItsLewizzz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Crypto Morin (XSeries), tr7zw (NBT-API)

    Test Server

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    English Plugin Review (v3.2.0)

    English Plugin Review (v3.0.5)

    English Plugin Review (v3.0.5)


    Hub Essentials

    • Scoreboard
    • Tablist
    • Custom action based announcements
    • Launchpads
    • Double jump
    • Holograms (BETA)
    • Anti-World Downloader
    • Custom menu creation.
    • Custom join items:
      • Server selector with a fully customisable GUI (PlaceholderAPI support!)
      • Player Hider
      • + create your own!
    Extra Commands
    • /gamemode
    • /lockchat
    • /clearchat
    • /fly
    • /setlobby
    • /lobby
    • /vanish
    • Custom commands
    • Command Manager to disable commands
    Custom Join Events
    • Join MOTD
    • Join title
    • Join sound
    • Join firework
    • Join/quit messages
    • Custom spawn location
    World Event Management
    • Disable block breaking
    • Disable block placement
    • Disable block interaction
    • Disable fall damage
    • Disable void death (teleport to spawn)
    • Disable weather change
    • Disable item pickup
    • Disable item drop
    • Disable player PvP
    • Disable hunger loss
    • Disable mob spawning
    • Disable fire spread
    • Disable block burning
    • Disable death messages
    • Disable leaf decay
    Chat Management
    • Anti-swear
    • Command blocker (/pl, /?, etc)
    • Chat lock
    • Clearchat
    Copyright © Lewis D 2017-2020

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Recent Updates

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  3. Update - v3.3.6

Recent Reviews

  1. MrCipher
    Version: 3.3.8
    Very good plugin but I have a bug. If I restart my server lobby point dissapears
  2. Reblxtemp3r
    Version: 3.3.8
    Awesome plugin! Best free one I could find! Would be cool to see a couple more features but it's good otherwise
  3. DevgamesHD
    Version: 3.3.8
    I do not think it is 2 star it is really good. but i am just trying to get people's attention because i have a problem where i cant use the server selector menu to teleport myself somewhere. i use mtv btw. please help
    1. ItsLewizzz
      Author's Response
      You need to configure the server selector to use a console command to send players via multiverse. The default config actually tells you how to do this which is commented out. This isn’t a DeluxeHub issue and you can contact us on Discord for support.
  4. deepshal99
    Version: 3.3.8
    Amazing plugin. Best one so far. But I don't know why even if anti void is enabled people still die in void in lobby. Help please.
  5. Space_Kasn
    Version: 3.3.8
    So this plugin is really good but I really need a command to make it so you can leave the hub like a /leave or /lobby leave command because I'm not able to use BUNGEE because I run mine off aternos
  6. Nesshw
    Version: 3.3.8
    Amazing plugin!
    Can you add NPC Connector, please it would be perfect for lobbies :D
  7. EmeraldWitherYT
    Version: 3.3.8
    Amazing plugin! Everything works together, and it is easy to use! Has a lot of features found in other plugins, and is also updated often!
  8. EchoRapidz
    Version: 3.3.8
    The best hub plugin out there period. Best of all its free. Better than its paid competitors
  9. PlaysParadox
    Version: 3.3.8
    This plugin is awesome its so good and easy to use plugin all you need for your hub server is in this plugin already! i really like it i havent see any bugs the developer is so active the support on discord is so fast! the developer deserves a lot of blessing he made this free and it help a lot! thank you on the developer!!!
  10. LilElite
    Version: 3.3.7
    Looks like a great plugin, but I couldn't use it for some reason. It says "There was an error loading the HOTBAR_ITEMS module". If someone knows how to fix this, I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.