DeluxeHub 3 - Professional Hub Management 3.3.7

Your all-in-one, essential and professional hub core

  1. ItsLewizzz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Crypto Morin (XSeries), tr7zw (NBT-API)

    Test Server

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    English Plugin Review (v3.2.0)

    English Plugin Review (v3.0.5)

    English Plugin Review (v3.0.5)


    Hub Essentials

    • Scoreboard
    • Tablist
    • Custom action based announcements
    • Launchpads
    • Double jump
    • Holograms (BETA)
    • Anti-World Downloader
    • Custom menu creation.
    • Custom join items:
      • Server selector with a fully customisable GUI (PlaceholderAPI support!)
      • Player Hider
      • + create your own!
    Extra Commands
    • /gamemode
    • /lockchat
    • /clearchat
    • /fly
    • /setlobby
    • /lobby
    • /vanish
    • Custom commands
    • Command Manager to disable commands
    Custom Join Events
    • Join MOTD
    • Join title
    • Join sound
    • Join firework
    • Join/quit messages
    • Custom spawn location
    World Event Management
    • Disable block breaking
    • Disable block placement
    • Disable block interaction
    • Disable fall damage
    • Disable void death (teleport to spawn)
    • Disable weather change
    • Disable item pickup
    • Disable item drop
    • Disable player PvP
    • Disable hunger loss
    • Disable mob spawning
    • Disable fire spread
    • Disable block burning
    • Disable death messages
    • Disable leaf decay
    Chat Management
    • Anti-swear
    • Command blocker (/pl, /?, etc)
    • Chat lock
    • Clearchat
    Copyright © Lewis D 2017-2020




Recent Updates

  1. Update - v3.3.7
  2. Update - v3.3.6
  3. Update - v3.3.5

Recent Reviews

  1. snowrider777
    Version: 3.3.7
    Awesome Plugin. How do I use nbt tags in items.

    material: stone_sword{HideFlags:63}

    Doesn't work.
  2. Mertrix_izi
    Version: 3.3.7
    what is the permission to hide and activate players?
    Excellent plugin
    no mistake and essential for lobbies
    1. ItsLewizzz
      Author's Response
      You can find all permissions on the wiki page.
  3. itsponz
    Version: 3.3.7
    Good plugin, but the recent update seems to have removed the custom commands feature? None of my commands configured in the config seem to work anymore :/
    1. ItsLewizzz
      Author's Response
      Custom commands haven’t been removed and work fine. If you’ve upgraded from version 3.1.X or below you must reset your DeluxeHub plugin folder. Join the discord if you need help upgrading.
  4. Hissam
    Version: 3.3.7
    This plugin is cool with bungee, but not so cool with multi world server or idk maybe I am on the wrong way. This plugin gives players effects like speed. And they have the effects even after they select a server from the server selector. A help out of this would be awesome. Please help by replying or giving me the discord link.
    1. ItsLewizzz
      Author's Response
      The main purpose of this plugin is for bungeecord, multi-world servers is supported though. You can find the discord link on the overview page.
  5. TMosCZ
    Version: 3.3.7
    Very good plugin, Players like it a lot on my server, Thank you for not giving it as paid :-)
  6. Vasquezfr15
    Version: 3.3.7
    This plugin is unique. It is free too. 10/10 100% recommended.
    nothing more to say
  7. FloppyMC
    Version: 3.3.7
    This is my favorite plugin. Everything you need in one plugin and easy to use. Congratulation developer of this plugin! You did a really great job! :D
  8. hexosse
    Version: 3.3.7
    First time trying and already adopted
    Clear and easy
    Good job and continue like that
  9. SoCreative
    Version: 3.3.7
    I’ve used this plugin for a while now, Lewis (The developer), is extremely active; constantly responding to support questions and pushing out updates. This is an amazing plugin with an incredible developer behind it.
    1. ItsLewizzz
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the kind words :)
  10. Canobe
    Version: 3.3.7
    hope to update nametag and customchat!
    best lobby system___________________
    no bug