DeluxeMenus 1.13.3

The all in one GUI menu plugin!

  1. clip
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    funnycube, glare, Gaby, boo, and all the others who have put in any time or effort with this plugin
    DeluxeMenus is the all in one inventory GUI menu plugin!
    You can create GUI menus that open with custom commands that will show stats or perform actions specific to the player who opened it.
    Your menus are fully configurable. You can create menus that show specific items to different players, or perform different actions depending on what javascript requirement they have for the specific slot in a certain GUI.

    Please note that DeluxeMenus depends on PlaceholderAPI and it must be installed for the plugin to correctly function. Click the placeholders button in the heading to see all the various placeholders you can use within the plugin.

    • /<menuOpenCommandYouChoose>
      Opens the menu for yourself
      perms are defined at will to use this
    • /dm open <menuName>
      Opens the menu for yourself
    • /dm open <menuName> <player>
      Opens the menu for another player
    • /dm list
      Lists all menus you have access to
    • /dm reload
      Reloads the menus and settings
    • /dm execute <player> <action>
      Perform an action on the target player
      restricted to op/console
    The power of customization is in your hands with DeluxeMenus. You can create menus that are very simple such as a server selector menu, or very complex menus such as a working hangman game. The possibilities are as far as your imagination takes you. You can learn how to configure and build menus here.
    This plugin utilizes bStats to collect anonymous statistics

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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.13.3
    update your resources. if you are leaving, make them open source, this isn't ok...
  2. Craven
    Version: 1.13.3
    Works like a charm, despite not officially supporting 1.17.1. (@Dev: NMS hook can't be setup with the latest server version)

    For anyone having issues with the latest Minecraft version, make sure to 1) check for conflicting plugins and 2) refrain from using the reload command (/dmenu reload) too much.

    The reload command may break the plugin if you don't correctly setup your menu(s) (read the wiki!) and you spam the command, hoping the error will go away. This will make you doubt your own menu configs, despite them being probably valid.

    If this happens to you, just restart the server. If the plugin loads fine during a restart, your menu config ought to work as well.

    Tip: test your menu(s) on a local server, with only bare minimum plugins for quicker testing. This proved to be very useful to battle the reload bug mentioned above.
  3. Inamine
    Version: 1.13.3
    This plugin is so insanely configurable. I've added all kinds of menus to my server and the players love it! With placeholders from luckperms I have a menu for showing of boosters, and I can have a whole different item appear if the booster is offline. Great plugin, amazing documentation. Surprising that it's free to be honest!
  4. WhiTe_Yak
    Version: 1.13.3
    Один из самых лучших плагинов, которыми Я пользовался!
    Огромное спасибо разработчикам)
  5. dengyu
    Version: 1.13.3
    The best menu plugin I have ever used. Hope you can bring more amazing plugin for us!
  6. mkdgarp
    Version: 1.13.3
    Best gui plugin have feature custommodeldata only this plugin
    Amazing you can make gui to ez bro
  7. User_pt
    Version: 1.13.3
    its been 2 months or more since 1.17 released and still didnt update, come on EE
  8. GoT_HiM
    Version: 1.13.3
    Best plugin for automation and creation of efficient interfaces for any type of Mode / Hub. Compatible with any version and highly configurable with excellent documentation.
  9. UnrealMiner4
    Version: 1.13.3
    This plugin is great: easy to use and has almost everything you need. But I would love to see two more things in this plugin: Firstly, support of 1.17([meta] action and close_commands don't work on this version). Secondly, the ability to create folders inside of gui_menus to be able to sort the menus somehow, because currently all the menus are just in one mess in one folder.
  10. TheDoominator
    Version: 1.13.3
    Really good GUI menu plugin. Really easy to use and create menu's
    Also love how you can change items based on permissions etc