DeluxeMenus 1.13.3

The all in one GUI menu plugin!

  1. 1.11.3 safeguard against any chance of items from menus becoming obtainable


    This update adds a "safeguard" against any items becoming "obtainable" through hacks or magic. All menu items now contain an NBT tag that allow DeluxeMenus listeners to know if that item came from a menu. If that item a player dropped, moved, or tried to keep when the menu is closed, will be removed. We tested and found that a bug actually exists when using 1.14 and we actually ended up getting items from a menu (took a while but it was possible). This update resolved the issue for us so let me know if it solves it for you if you experienced the bug as well....

    (Yes we skipped 1.11.2 but we have good reason to do so)
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