DeluxeMenus 1.13.5

The all in one GUI menu plugin!

  1. 1.13.5 Adds official support for 1.18.2 and bug fixes


    This marks our first official update under the new HelpChat team account. Thank you to everyone who has worked on this update!

    • Adds support for 1.18.2
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed placeholders not working in the "has money" requirement type.
    • Fixed the delay and chance false flagging for tags like <color>
    • Fixed arguments breaking when "update" is set to true for item.
    • Fixed placeholder in materials (material:...
  2. 1.13.4 Quality-of-life changes and new features!

    Hello everybody!

    This new update provides a lot of quality-of-life changes and new features to DeluxeMenus.

    First off, huge shoutout to @BlitzGamer88 & @Glare for all the time and effort they put into this project.

    DeluxeMenus now requires Java 11 or above to run.

    - Added support for Minecraft 1.16.4, 1.17.x, and 1.18.x
    - Added [jsonbroadcast] menu action
    - Added some new options for nbt via...
  3. 1.13.3 Added support for Minecraft 1.16, added a few things, fixed a few things


    This update adds support for Minecraft 1.16.2 NMS but also fixes quite a bit of things.... This version has been in development / testing for quite some time but I feel its time to update so here it is!

    Adds support for 1.16.2 (thanks glare)
    Fixes a bunch of HEX stuff with colors in item name/lore. To use hex in item names /lore you need to use the format `&#aaFF00`
    Updates dependency to latest PlaceholderAPI
    Adds support for...
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  4. 1.13.2 The meta update


    Added meta

    Added a meta system that integrates with the Spigot persistent metadata API. This system allows you to modify / access / check persistent meta associated with a player through requirements, actions, or placeholders.
    This meta feature is only available for server versions 1.14 or higher
    The following data types are available: [COLOR=rgb(255, 128,...[/B]
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  5. 1.13.1 The stimulus package update


    • Implemented a [givemoney] click action type to give money to your players during these hard times
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the default requirements_menu.yml throwing errors
    • Major rewrite to open commands and command arguments so they work
    • Fixed issues with a specific event throwing errors if you were below 1.12
    • Fixed some typos in the default menus

    • Improved the...
  6. 1.13.0 The rona update


    special thanks to the HelpChat team for this update.

    This version has been tested quite a bit on 1.15.2. If any issues arise please report them to our discord

    Fixed a ton of issues and many internal changes in this version. These changes will not affect the current state of your menus.

    Plugin now built against 1.15.2

    DeluxeMenus now has new requirement options available to use, which are namely:
    • !has item
    • !has money
    • !has permission...
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  7. 1.12.0 "args" update


    Another update!

    This update adds support for arguments when opening menus with your custom menu commands:

    You can now specify a new section in your menu "args". The keys in this config section are the placeholders and will be parsed when using for example {target} (since we specified target below. The value for each key is the amount of words required for each argument when opening the menu. In the example below we can use /punish <target> <time> <reason>...
  8. 1.11.6 Added support for custom NBT tags (specifically CustomModelData)


    Yeah 2 updates in 1 day....

    This update adds support for CustomModelData via the new config option for items: nbt_int: <key>:<value>

    Code (YAML):
    nbt_int: CustomModelData:2
    This allows you to use your custom models within your texture packs to show new items that aren't provided by Minecraft but rather new models provided by your resource packs.
    Here is an example of a green sword that is added with CustomModelData:...
  9. 1.11.5 exciting new features


    Fixed a bug where errors are thrown when an item is taken from a menu and dropped on the ground. This will never happen again and no way to obtain menu items anymore.

    Added the following:

    Code (Text):

    Now you can add "shift" left and right click commands as well as middle click!

    You can also specify...
  10. 1.11.3 safeguard against any chance of items from menus becoming obtainable


    This update adds a "safeguard" against any items becoming "obtainable" through hacks or magic. All menu items now contain an NBT tag that allow DeluxeMenus listeners to know if that item came from a menu. If that item a player dropped, moved, or tried to keep when the menu is closed, will be removed. We tested and found that a bug actually exists when using 1.14 and we actually ended up getting items from a menu (took a while but it was possible). This update...