DeluxeTags 1.8.2

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. 1.8.2 We got updates!



    This is a community provided update that adds and fixes a whole host of features. Read below for more information.

    - Added 1.16.x, 1.17.x and 1.18.x support.
    - Added hex/rgb colors support. It comes in 2 formats: #aaFF00 aka Standard and &#aaFF00 aka Legacy. (You can toggle between the 2 in config.yml where you'll find the legacy_hex option)
    - Added new commands:
    - /tags setdisplay <identfier> <display> - Change the display of a tag. (the...
  2. 1.8.1 added a few bugs


    Fixed an issue where the GUI from /tags does not work correctly when not using DeluxeChat. Thanks to @ItsMeGlare for pointing out the issue and fixing it.
  3. 1.8.0 Placeholder supporrt


    This version adds support to use PAPI placeholders in your tags.

    Added config option to load tag on join rather than first time they chat.
    Code (YAML):
    load_tag_on_join: true
  4. 1.7.1 ability to be used without any chat formatting plugin.


    Added ability to modify the chat format directly from DeluxeTags:

    This may (or may not) add compatibility with some other chat formatting plugins (not sure....).

    This WILL add stand alone compatibility if you do not have a chat formatting plugin.

    This option can only be changed on startup.
  5. 1.7 allow full plugin customization even when DeluxeChat hook is not used. Added new config options


    This version now allows full customization of the GUI and all messages even when DeluxeChat is not used.

    Added config option to enable DeluxeChat integration. DeluxeChat will now handle obtaining placeholders to prevent plugin load order issues.

    If you do not use DeluxeChat, you MUST set deluxe_chat: false in your DeluxeTags config in order for the vanilla chat listener to be registered!
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  6. 1.6.2 added DeluxeChat 1.5.6-beta listener to prevent placeholders from being unloaded


    Added event listener to prevent DeluxeTags placeholders from being unloaded when DeluxeChat unloads all placeholders when /dchat reload true is executed.

    This version is only compatible with DeluxeChat 1.5.6-beta or higher!
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  7. 1.6.1 Changed force_tags_on_join to force_tags. Adjusted how force tag system works


    Changed "force_tags_on_join" config option to "force_tags" as it now sets the forced tag when a player chats to prevent tags not updating when a player moves ranks.

    If using the "force_tags" system. Players who are not op will no longer be able to select an active tag themselves. The forced tag will always be applied on chat.
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  8. 1.6 Added force_tag_on_join option to apply tags to non op players if they have a force tag perm


    Added new config option to force a tag on join based on the highest priority tag a player has "force permission" for.

    To apply a force tag to players when they join, they must have the permission node deluxetags.forcetag.<tag_identifier>

    The highest priority tag (order) will always be applied if a player has permission for multiple tags to be forced.

    Just a note, this...
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  9. 1.5.3 I had some trouble uploading the actual update

    This should absolutely be the correct version that I attempted to upload 2 times. I am not sure where the problem was but somehow the same version was uploaded twice and the updated version sat on my desktop.
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  10. 1.5.2 Correct version uploaded containing fixes from yesterdays update

    I uploaded the wrong file yesterday not realizing it.
    If you check your version in game you will see yesterdays version is still 1.5.1

    I had 2 DeluxeTags jars in separate folders and when I selected the jar to upload I was in the wrong folder :/

    This fixes /tags delete and the rest of the 1.5.2 fixes.
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