DemAPI ~ Making Coding Plugins Easier See GitHub

A simple API I use for my plugins that does stuff.

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    A simple API that does stuff and makes coding Spigot plugins easier.
    Note: This API may not be 100% stable yet.

    This is just a simple API that I created after I got tired of typing the same code over and over again. I personally think that this API has saved me a lot of time, and reduces my lines of code.

    DemAPI does a lot of common things, such as coloring and adding prefixes to a string, sending colored messages to the console and players, etc. DemAPI has a file management system, allowing you to create custom YAML configuration files, TXT log files, and more. DemAPI also has a custom commands management system, commands and event registering utils, developer notifications, built-in async update checking, and more.

    All updates are on GitHub and this resource itself will not be updated (the reason why the version tag says "See GitHub").

    Information on how to use this API is in the README file on GitHub.