Democrafty v1

Allow your server members to vote on the execution of commands like clear weather

  1. Scott-Harwood
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Source Code:
    ---This is a 1.13.1 release!---
    Have you wanted to give your members the ability to clear the weather when its raining or make the night time day! What if not all my members want that I hear you cry! I present to you: Democrafty. This plugin will allow you to create commands that will allow the members of your server to vote on the execution of that command.

    To use the members simply run a command you create such as:
    "/set-weather-clear" and then every member of the server will be notified that they are able to vote. They can then choose to vote for or against the proposal. If they decide not to vote thats okay! Their abstinence will be recorded and if enough members of the server abstain the vote will not even be considered. If the vote passes there is a configurable time out during which the command cannot be ran again.

    Configurable features:
    Each custom command can have:
    • "InitiateCommand" the command used to start the poll,
    • "VoteTime", how long the members have to vote before they will be considered abstaining,
    • "PassPercentage" the percentage of members who voted that also voted for Yay for the poll to pass
    • "EvaluationPercentage" The percentage of all server members that are required to vote for the post to even be considered.
    • "EvaluationTimeOut", The time until the command can be reran if it was considered, regardless of if it passed or failed.
    • "NotEvaluatedTimeOut" The time until the command can be reran if it was not considered.
    • "Execute Command" The command that is executed if the poll passes.
    • "Command message" The message displayed when the InitiateCommand is ran to notify members what they are voting for.
    You can see a example config file on My GitHub:

    The first time you run your server with the plugin installed it will try and find the ConfigFile if it doesn't it will create one in the plugins directory.

Recent Reviews

  1. HamishWHC
    Version: v1
    A few bugs/issues but cool plugin overall. Could use better config and perhaps commands to manage the plugin in-game, ESPECIALLY to reload the config file.
    1. Scott-Harwood
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, what do you mean by "better config"? Do you think I am missing options? Or you find the usability difficult? The reloading config files is a great suggestion that I will have to take a look at. What other command for plugin management would you add?