DemonicMC Daylight Cycle 1.8.10

This plugin makes it to where your server never rains and it is always daytime.

  1. DemonicMC_DEV
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
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    DemonicMC Daylight Cycle
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    This is the DemonicMC Development Team. This plugin is a simple plugin which makes your server never rain and it's always daytime.

    This plugin is a very basic plugin and it can be very helpful as /gamerule isn't always permanent. If you have any questions feel free to message me through spigot or my discord. Links Below!

    Deepest Regards,
    - DemonicMC Development Team

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  1. Leodur2006
    Version: 1.8.10
    You can do /gamerule setDaylightCycle false to disable the weather. You don't need plugins. It will just slow down your server.
    1. DemonicMC_DEV
      Author's Response
      Yes, you are correct. The reason I still had this plugin made was for an easier way. Also, every time you restart the server /gamerule resets so I don't see how doing that helps.
  2. Tlsslurp
    Version: 1.8.10
    Okay, so I personally haven't used this, even though you can do these things in spigot configs its kind of nifty to have a plugin do it without having to dig around in configs. If you're looking for an easy way to do there, bam here ya go
  3. SwifrtyVortexs
    Version: 1.8.10
    This is the best Plugin i ever used for my friends server you should download it
  4. Arnie
    Version: 1.8.10
    Really nice simple plugin! I like it and would recommend it for small servers :D
  5. MakingAName
    Version: 1.8.10
    This is a very nice plugin, I personally loved it. The daylight plugin is very helpful because I have a very old computer and the brightness is not great. I suggest you guys get this plugin also because not having to constantly change the time, or getting a client is helpful.
  6. SpainishStrafez
    Version: 1.8.10
    This is a nice simple plugin and my players enjoy no weather! I suggest this plugin to every server owner.
  7. UnProfessional1
    Version: 1.8.10
    This is a very simple plugin but its a lot of help. I don't think I've seen a plugin like this on spigot. Thanks for the free plugin <3