[Denizen] dRegions 0.40

Denizen powered region management and world protection system

  1. 51l3N7
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10

    dRegions is an advanced region management and world protection system written with the Denizen Scripting Engine. Heavily inspired by WorldGuard, the goal is to have an extremely efficient events system supporting an exhaustive set of region flags and configuration options. dRegions offers an intuitive command interface and provides thorough TAB completion.

    1. Extract the dRegions folder from the downloaded zip file and place it in your plugins/Denizen/scripts folder.
    2. Reload your scripts /denizen reload scripts
    3. Edit the config files as necessary found in:
      • /plugins/Denizen/dRegions


    Permissions are outlined in the source header.
    1. After you've gotten installed, setup, and permissions assigned (op-only mode is fine too), you will need to give yourself a region wand (requires dWorldEditor).
      • /dwe wand
    2. Mark your region selection using the wand as directed.
    3. Define your region noting any owners (player or -g group) you want
      • /drg define myRegion notch herobrine -g members -g vip
    4. Your region is now protected!
    5. Set region priority
      • /drg setpriority myRegion 10
    6. Set any region flags you need
      • /drg flag myRegion greeting Hello <player.name>!


    Scripters can extend the functionality of dRegions with custom flags. Look through the flag scripts contained within for example usage. A more complete set of API docs will come soon enough.

    Maybe you have some cemeteries and you'd like to make zombies spawn when players enter the area. A spawn on entry flag is super easy to make! Or maybe you want a fireman mini-game to randomly start when a player enters your cities? Just use the player_extinguish_blockfire and player_entered_dregion event hooks to create flags linking to your mini-game code.

    It is intended that dRegions also be able to serve as a core to other systems. A real estate market is one such example.


    This script is written for use with the Denizen Scripting Engine.
    dWorldEditor: For the region selection tools
    ConfigFileGenerator: To generate the default config and data storage files
    MessageConstructorLibrary: For all text output


    For bleeding-edge code, bug reports, code contributions, and feature requests, visit the GitHub project.

    You can also find me |Anthony| on irc.esper.net #denizen-dev

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