[Denizen] MessageConstructorLibrary 0.43

A set of utilities to make displaying text pretty, uniform, and easy

  1. 51l3N7

    This library provides a set of utilities to make displaying text pretty, uniform, and easy. Use nearly anywhere you need text formatting (chat box, GUIs, scoreboards, item lore...)
    Boxed.png Authors.png PageNav.png Titles.png Prefixed.png

    • Message Prefixer
      • Pop-Up on hover shows your script title and 'Click for Help'
      • Clicking the prefix runs /%title% help
      • Long messages are automatically linewrapped
    • Boxed Message
      • Encapsulate your messages in a neat and tidy box format
      • Messages sent through will be line wrapped and given a header and footer
      • Header displays specified script title, page title, and page number(s)
      • Titles support internal JSON implementation
      • Page numbers are clickable to ease navigation
      • Footer can show version info and button to updates when applicable
      • Footer can display clickable buttons for your script authors
    • Line Wrapping
      • Turn a long string into a list of smaller strings limited in length
      • Treats the <&nl> symbol as intended
      • Supports internal JSON implementation
      • Preserves the last color used from the previous line
    • Pagination
      • Return a list of entries for display on a specific page
      • Specify page height
    • Paragraphs
      • Line wrap multiple strings
      • Useful if you want to limit total page width not just entries per page.
    • Center Justified
      • Center your text
    • Trimmed
      • Trim strings to a max length and show an ellipsis
    • JSON Support
      • Adds simple tag based JSON support to chat, narrate, and announce messages
      • Commands
      • Hints
      • Hovers
      • Chats

    1. Extract MessageConstructors.yml from the downloaded zip file and place it in your plugins/Denizen/scripts folder.
    2. Reload your scripts /denizen reload scripts


    If another script you have installed requires MessageConstructorLibrary as a dependency, simply installing it will be enough.
    Detailed usage examples are included in the source for those scripters who wish to implement this in their own scripts.


    This script is written for use with the Denizen Scripting Engine.


    For bleeding-edge code, bug reports, code contributions, and feature requests, visit the GitHub project.

    You can also find me |Anthony| on irc.esper.net #denizen-dev

    Has my work helped you in some way? Show your support by leaving feedback and some stars!
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Recent Reviews

  1. KingAsatir
    Version: 0.42
    Thanks bro for making this plugin. i hope you continue creating so much plugins like you were doing!
    1. 51l3N7
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your appreciation! You have anything specific in mind?
  2. Mr.Mango
    Version: 0.38
    This is a great addition. The only thing is... when I write a comma in the msgChat option, the output gets completely bugged out. Can you please fix this, or at least tell me what i have to add to the code to fix this problem.
    1. 51l3N7
      Author's Response
  3. mcmonkey
    Version: 0.36
    An excellent and helpful utility! Amazing work as always from an incredibly skilled author. 10/10 recommended for any developer looking to use JSON in Denizen.
  4. Aero
    Version: 0.36
    Excellent API. It provides all of the essential tools you need when developing plugins. Thank you for this resource!