Denizen 1.1.4 R2

A high-power scripting engine for Spigot!

  1. Mergu
    Version: 1.1.4 R2
    Last 3 reviews are from raiders that spammed and posted NSFW content in the support discord. Get a life, folks.
  2. robi
    Version: 1.1.4 R2
  3. Shadowpauler
    Version: 1.1.4 R2
    So I'm not sure what is up with all of the fake bad reviews, but if you honestly want to see Denizen in action, look at Wynncraft. It's entirely built upon Denizen. That tells you something.
  4. spaceWeaver
    Version: 1.1.4 R2
    Denizen is my go-to whenever I want something way simple without the hassle of finding a small plugin that does exactly what I want and how I want it, and then relying on it when it might not receive any further updates.

    It is also, in fact, my go-to whenever I want something slightly more complex but very specific, because it's just that much easier to script with it than to code a plugin.

    Personally I have fun scripting, and I have things my way. What's not to like?
  5. greenleeuw
    Version: 1.1.4
    This plugin is indeed very easy to pickup.
    started learning it 3 months ago now my server has:

    - custom boss battle
    - custom items
    - custom crafting recipes
    - multiple info commands
    - a command that automatically puts sugesstion in the suggestions discord channel.
    - a way to automatically post a update on discord. notify everyone online that the update has launched. notify players that weren't online that there is a new update and it logs the update in a command where any one can fiew it back at any time.
    - player being able to share their homes
    - players being able to give items across great distances even thru other worlds.
    - players showing off items across great distances.
    - a better economy then i could've imagined
    - removing the easier ways of duping.

    And more i probably forgot about.
    All that is fine and will but whats best then all of it.
    Their support. can't find something ur looking they can.
    server spitting out random errors? fixed.
    server crashes bc u did big bork? also fixed.
  6. Mergu
    Version: 1.1.4
    Karens troll the reviews after being toxic and unwilling to slow down and understand what they're doing. It can be pretty entertaining.

    My server is written on top of this plugin. I've had it do things like:
    - An entire RPG system
    - Per-world inventories
    - Dungeons and dungeon instancing
    - VPN blocking
    - Sidebars and bossbars and titles
    - Custom achievements
    - Play music
    - Filter chat
    - Custom items
    - Custom recipes
    - Put info in the tablist header/footer
    - Player particles
    - Auto broadcast messages
    - Nerf spawners and mobs
    - Way more I can't even think of

    Don't let some review troll who can't handle light updates deter you from an awesome scripting language that's easier to pick up than Java.
  7. Mwthorn
    Version: 1.1.4
    /ex execute as_player "/ex execute as_server <&dq>/ex narrate <&lt>&dq<&gt>10/10 Very Cool.<&lt>&dq<&gt><&dq>"
  8. Walrussiano
    Version: 1.1.4
    Extremely outdated plugin with no support. If you report any issues, they get automatically rejected by the bot (check the 2 thousand closed issues on github - none of them were even read by a human). Any activity in discord other then donations results in permaban.
    If you seek a nice and up-to-date plugin for your quests, use Skript instead.
    1. mcmonkey
      Author's Response
      What do you achieve by lying in a review? "Outdated plugin" Denizen updates more than any other plugin on Spigot... the changelog channel has major update notices every day. "No support" we have a team like 10 main helpers and a ton of other community members that help to answer actual hundreds of questions per day on Discord. Your lies can't even be claimed to be different opinions, they're just blatantly false and don't resemble reality whatsoever.
  9. MichaelMc
    Version: 1.1.4
    Powerful, capable scripting language. VERY active Devs, very helpful Team, wonderful teachers. Best scripting tool available in Minecraft hands down....
  10. ToxicWars
    Version: 1.1.4
    Denizen is basically the all-in-one plugin you ever dreamed of. There is almost nothing you can't do with it.

    It has a learning curve but you can start with simple steps and progress form there.

    Community is helpful and fun but don't expect them to do all the work for you.
  11. dagumboss
    Version: 1.1.3
    [This review has been re-posted to address the developer's further shenanigans in response to this review]

    The devs and helpers can be real condescending and rude. I hung around the discord for several months, donated $60, the few questions I was still asking were typically the results of bugs that needed fixing, yet I still got talked down to like they do so many people in their discord. I get it, lots of kids or players who otherwise don't take the time to look for the answers they need mcmonkey, other devs and helpers are often real quick to issue a snarky response if they don't like the way you asked your question or, god forbid, you aren't a Comp Sci major and are trying to learn dScript.

    It's really no wonder skript is so much more popular despite being less functional. The docs and guides for denizen are far beyond god-awful, yet they still direct people towards them and then get pissy when they come back with bad scripting practices (like, for instance, the way way outdated bracket syntax that is in basically the first video any new clients are going to be looking at - the Quest script video.)

    The plugin is nice but mcmonkey and his fart-huffing denizens completely undermine it with their attitudes. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't wrong as often as they are. As I mentioned before, they seem to just assume anyone that isn't majoring in CIT is a blithering moron who isn't worth putting much thought towards and will just vomit up whatever half-assed response they think applies to the couple of keywords they actually paid any attention to.

    They began harassing me over discord after my last review, calling me a liar for claiming they could ever be wrong and demanding proof. Ultimately, I don't care enough to go on a scavenge hunt through the discord but I do have an image here of a classic example of mcmonkey just bullshitting through the motions:

    He closes this issue claiming that what I'm describing simply isn't how it works (yeah, no crap, that's why I made an issue). After I bugged him directly in discord, you can then see him actually make a commit fixing the issue I described. Dunno why he originally made his snarky insistence that I submit such issues to the github if he's going to just blow them off anyways and force me to take it to the discord, but that's just par for the course with these guys.

    Here's another really hilarious one I just found while coming back for this review. Here's his original response where quickly links to their awesome guides because what I said can't be right, they do everything perfectly:

    And here's how totally right he is with that broken link to their guides:

    TL;DR: They can be helpful sometimes and the plugin is nice but they totally undermine it all with the attitude that they seem entitled to have with anyone they deem below them.


    Developer's response for clarity:

    He points out how I originally wrote a shorter review, which is due to his demands over discord for proof of him or his helpers being wrong (I'd grab some screens of that but he banned me from the discord after this review and the entire exchange is hidden in their active users channel, go figure). As you saw above, I included a couple examples of him being wrong, which he chose to completely ignore and instead attempt to smear me with this screenshot: Make of that what you will, I'll just say I've brought up these issues with them enough times to know that it never goes anywhere, so I was just yanking their chains at that point.

    He goes on to admit that the link that was posted in the past review was no longer correct but that he fixed it now that he knows he was wrong. Decide for yourselves if it would have been fixed otherwise.

    Furthermore, I find it pretty interesting that since this review was last posted that two new, shining reviews have been posted. Including one from a user named Mergu who's very active in their discord, made a bunch of commits to the code, responds to support in discord like he's a helper, and has a whole set of special ranks in the discord such as Veteran and Extremely Active User that I've rarely seen on users that aren't close to the team. He's also the user that made the snarky, unhelpful response to one of my requests for help that was the last straw for me (and which another user was capable of giving a relevant reply to without the attitude).

    PS I see them pushing their standard marketing line that "Denizen can do anything OwO" but it couldn't even support custom recipes without wildly duping them until a couple of months ago. It's functional but if their attitude with everything else is anything to go by, they'll just choose to pretend like any of its shortcoming don't exist.

    I can live without their discord, I just hope their apparent displeasure with this kind of feedback leads to better treatment of the newbies just trying to learn... or at least to updating their beginner guides within this decade. Sounds like it might have, but that lot is not at all above just spewing BS in reviews for their own product.
    1. mcmonkey
      Author's Response
      The guide link was correct when it was posted. The page was moved, and therefore the old link stopped being correct at that point. I provided the new link to the page for you when you mentioned it. The GitHub issue you screenshoted was handled perfectly fine and I genuinely can't fathom what problem you have with it. You had an issue, you received two commits fixing two separate problems making up the issue you had, the same day you posted the issue. There was slight confusion about one of the problems included, which you clarified via Discord as you said and got fixed. What's the problem with that? And yes, when people see hate-filled spiteful reviews unrelated (nothing you describe is related to Denizen itself, it's related to your hatred of the people who help teach Denizen to new users) to a plugin they care about posted on that plugin's review page, they sometimes decide to post a review of their own experiences with the plugin so something more fairminded will be at the top of the reviews list. Your example of a Denizen shortcoming was "well a few months ago a specific feature wasn't as good as it is now"... Denizen isn't perfect, surely you can find an example of a shortcoming that's *still* a shortcoming in 2020. Also, all content in the beginner's guide is current. It's the things not yet explained on the guide that are outdated. I'll also just mention yet again that Mergu is not a helper, and also his reply that apparently made you hate Denizen forevermore wasn't even particularly rude and was very clearly trying to help.
  12. NextoEsKawaii
    Version: 1.1.3
    very cool dev very cool plugin very cool people to hand around in the discord, cured by depression, 10/10 would try again.

    in a more serious revieew, i must add how praise worthy mcmonkey, the lead developer of the plugin and project Denizen is, legends say he is an SAM ( monkey space alien ) that will fix the plugin bugs in matter of seconds and would even dedicate entire months explaining to a single person how an if statement works. mr. dev however does has flaws, the only and most important flaw is that he does not likes baguettes!!! i asked him and he didnt replied probably because he was bugfixing or adding features to this wonderful plugin so im taking that as he doesnt likes baguettes but he invited to drink the blood of the elder gods so i dont mind it, 13.37/13.37 would repeat it!!

    so the product (denizen) is very cool and powerful, you can do whatever you like and i would say its the best scripting engine ever! you can make your plugins (scripts) in matter of seconds with an awesome result and nearly no real impact to perfomance!!! theres events you can use, theres tags you can use, theres commands you can use, the world is your sandbox :D

    next(o)! the documentation! its hard to understand when you are starting but a new more comprensive guide is being written and once you have enough dKnowledge you will swim trought the docs like a shark in water! (dont put your sharks outside water guys they dont like not water)

    what else to talk about!!! the discord! they are very friendly peoples and they have a cool bot so you dont need to open chorme or something to visit the docs, very cool people to hang around too, they are good memers

    idk what else to say :D if you have read this far and you havent tried denizen ever, install it ya dummy <.<
  13. Spirion
    Version: 1.1.3
    I've been using this plugin since about 2015, although it's been in the last months when I've started to use its full potential. It can do from the simplest things to the most complex that you can think of, the limit is in your imagination and ability.

    The beginnings can be complicated, but they are finishing the guide that already contains very useful sections, besides that you can always ask in its Discord. There are also videos that explain the basics of how Denizen works
  14. RudyWade
    Version: 1.1.3
    Great plugin dude! But why u close support to version 1.12 in feature end? maybe u can try again support 1.12? ;) Thx for all!
    1. mcmonkey
      Author's Response
      Less than 5% of servers running Denizen are running a current Denizen build on 1.12... being actively difficult to backport NMS features (due to NMS being so very different between minecraft versions), it's not really worthwhile to backport things... most servers can and *should* just update to 1.15.2, as it's a stable modern version (whereas 1.14 is unstable, and 1.12 is not at all modern... it's like 3 years old now).
  15. LikeWind
    Version: 1.1.3
    although they don't support offline mode server hurt me , but it is still a nice plugin , so just this
  16. Mergu
    Version: 1.1.3
    Fantastic plugin. Been using it for years. Even have some of my own code committed to the project.

    Professional support in a timely manner. Most of the support comes from mcmonkey these days. Some helpers unfortunately aren't in chat much, but hey that's life. Modbot use can be heavy at times but meh.

    Discord has a nice mix of newbies and pros. This whole project is essentially a 1-man show at this point, mcmonkey pours his life into this. Would be nice to see more community members step up to bear some of this load.

    Documentation is actively getting better. Generally, you can learn this stuff just by asking questions in chat. You essentially need to know how to make a script container and use tags/commands, and from there just search the bot. Would be nice if Denizen started making some modern videos to replace the old ones.

    This plugin is still highly tied to Citizens - people assume they can only use it to do NPC things. A majority of scripters only found this plugin because they wanted their NPCs to do more, then later discovered it can do basically anything.

    All in all, this plugin has added more value to my network than any other plugin available. I use it to effectively write my own plugins.
  17. SchattenritterX
    Version: 1.1.3
    I have been scripting for almost a year now and I have no intention to stop. It is fun to see how simple it is.

    It is possible to script almost everything. Like report systems, quests, commands, custom crafting recipes and so much more.

    In my opinion the docs are very understandable. They include all the necessary explanations and examples. There is also a guide, which explains it in more detail. In addition, you can always ask for help in their discord if you have Issues.

    Since a while there is an extension for VSCode which allows Denizen Highlighting. This makes scripting even easier.

    In my experience when mcmonkey is around, bugs are literally fixed in under a minute.
  18. Xericore
    Version: 1.1.2 R2
    Denizen has matured a lot and only keeps improving. Learning this language is definitely worth your time if you want to customize your Minecraft server. Also the support in Discord is usually really good.
  19. FallPlum
    Version: 1.1.2
    What a perfect plugin that I find,And I want to introduce the plugin to my Chinese friends on ,I want to get your access,so can I?
    Because it must be revolutionary for minecraft's servers, and more people should be involved.
  20. EnmanuelDSW
    Version: 1.1.2
    1. mcmonkey
      Author's Response
      A: Use Spigot 1.14.4, not 1.14 flat, B: join the Discord: C: Please don't abuse the reviews page for questions