Denizen 1.1.4 R2

A high-power scripting engine for Spigot!

  1. 1.1.4 (Build 1712)

    This is Denizen 1.1.4 Release 1712, compatible with Spigot 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, and 1.15.2

    IF YOU WANT 1.16 SUPPORT use the dev builds, available at which work in 1.16. The update will only be pushed to release when both Spigot 1.16 itself and Denizen support for 1.16 are 100% confidently stable and safe for live servers.

    This build contains roughly 200 changes since the last release on Spigot - view for details.

    Note that MC 1.12 support will be dropped in the near future. Exact time/details of that dropping not yet finalized, however I note that most servers at this point should be running 1.15.2, and if not, should update ASAP.

    ALSO PLEASE BE AWARE that this Spigot page is NOT the primary place to download Denizen releases. To download the latest release build, go here: ... to download latest developmental builds, go here:
    This spigot page is only occasionally updated to keep it alive.

    Come chat with us on Discord:!
    Also if you appreciate the hard work done on Denizen, consider sponsoring me on GitHub at or sending a one-time donation through PayPal via
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