Deny /back commands into regions 2021-03-30

Adds WorldGuard flag to deny all /back commands with essentials, cmi, and other /back plugins

  1. Not_Jaden
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Have you ever wanted to stop people from returning to regions with /back? This is the plugin for you! It adds a third-party flag to WorldGuard that you can enable if you don't want players to get back to the region with /back

    WorldGuard plugin is a dependency that you can get here.

    Blocked Commands
    The following commands are the back commands that this plugin will check for:
    /cmi back

    1. Create a region with WorldGuard. More info in the WorldGuard documentation.
    2. Run the command: "/rg flags" in the region you want to be affected.
    3. Click the arrows in chat to get to the last page. It should look something like this:[​IMG]
    4. Click allow to stop players from using /back to get into that region

    Extra Note
    This is the first plugin I am posting here, so feedback is appreciated. I can add more blocked commands if necessary, or even create a config for you to add your own.
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