DenyCraft 10.25.15v2

A very easy to use, restriction plugin. This allows you to restrict crafting recipes and much more!

  1. Polarcraft
    Why choose DenyCraft?
    Well I made DenyCraft so that Server Owners alike can restrict/allow recipes with ease without having to use a big plugin that is just way to complicated.

    What items are made in the plugin so far?
    Currently I only have added the following:
    Anymore permission nodes we need to know?
    dc.craft.<id>; - you can use the item id instead of a name
    dc.craft.<name>; - you can use the name instead of the item id
    dc.craft.*; - gives you access to craft all items

    If you ever need support the best way to get a hold of me is either through PMS or over irc. The support channel on Spigot's IRC is (#Polarcraft).

    To-Do List:

Recent Updates

  1. The redstone update!
  2. The wooden update!