DependencyGraph 1.0-release

Visualise plugin dependencies.

  1. CyberTiger
    Visualise plugin dependencies on your server.

    Permissions: none.
    Configuration: none.

    Whenever plugins are enabled or disabled this plugin writes out graphviz files to visualise your plugins and their dependencies, these can be found under plugins/DependencyGraph/
    All your plugins and dependencies, including load at startup or postworld
    All your plugins and dependencies, excluding load at startup or postworld
    Any plugins who's load order cannot be satisfied.

    Note: dependencies are color coded:
    Red: dependencies.
    Yellow: soft dependencies.
    Green: load-before (note: arrowhead is reversed so it makes sense)
    Blue: load at startup or postworld.

    You will need a graphviz viewer to view the dependency graphs, if you have graphviz installed you can probably just use dotty <file>, failing that you can paste the files into a site such as

    Bukkit does not correctly compute the dependency graph between plugins, so whilst you can use this to debug your issues with plugin load order on your server, it might not be that helpful.