[DEPRECATED] Flamethrower 5

Light mobs and players on fire with this awesome flamethrower!

  1. Techdoodle
    Ever wanted a cool weapon to add to minigames or to give to players?

    Now you can have one!

    This plugin lets you get a flamethrower that, when used, can light mobs and players on fore for a configurable amount of time.
    It also can damage them a configurable extra damage.
    You can even configure a fuel.
    To fire it, just hold down right click.

    In Action:

    /flamethrower get
    Gives you a flamethrower.
    /flamethrower reload
    Reloads the config.
    Permission needed to use the flamethrower.​

    #The item used for the flamethrower
    FlamethrowerItem: BLAZE_ROD

    #The item name
    Name: '&cFlamethrower'

    #The item lore
    - '&6Right click to use'

    #The range of the flamethrower
    Range: 7

    #The amount of ticks to set the target on fire for
    #A tick is 1/20 of a second, so this is 6 seconds

    BurnTime: 120

    #The amount of additional damage to do

    AdditionalDamage: 0.5

    #If the target is on the same scoreboard team as the attacker, it wont damage them
    SameTeamNoDamage: true

    #The fuel section of the config
    #If fuel is enabled
    enabled: true
    #What material is needed
    material: COAL
    #The amount needed
    amount: 1
    #The delay until more fuel is needed
    #The actual time can change depending on useage, but while #holding down right click, this would be about 3 seconds

    time: 20​

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Recent Reviews

  1. StevenPolska1992
    Version: 5
    Great plugin so far! But pls add possibility to translate all messages in this wunderfull plugin! i would be very gratefull and donate something man.

    kind regards
  2. Gamer27
    Version: 5
    Greate plugin, but need a Update
    I use this plugin for SkyWars
  3. LastThangUC
    Version: 5
    great plugin... only thing is.. player can use it even at spawn! this sucks! please fix so players can only use in specific regions or something.. thx!
  4. JustinKite
    Version: 5
    Awesome plugin! However, I have one suggestion. It would be cool if this item would act like a real flamethrower and also light blocks on fire. Other than that, thank you for the awesome plugin!
  5. 3D-Qaisar
    Version: 5
    Very nice! However, add a crafting recipe to it. That will be amazing! Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite plugins!
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'll probably add that soon!
  6. Firefly1337
    Version: 5
    The only flamethrower plugin I could find that was compatible with 1.8. Thank you!
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      No problem!
  7. Spresource
    Version: 4
    Fun plugin! Worked great, no issues
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Cool, thank you!
  8. Elijah
    Version: 3
    If you could, can you make the name and lore of the flamethrower customizable and make the flamethrower a bit better?
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Sure, but I'm not sure what you mean by "make the flamethrower better".
  9. Compilable
    Version: 2
    Would be betta if you could craft it.
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      With CraftBook, you can add that functionality.
      Thank you for the review!