[DEPRECATED] GravityGun 9

Pick up and throw blocks and mobs!

  1. Techdoodle
    Ever wanted to have a gravity gun on your server?
    Of course you have!

    With this simple plugin, all you have to do is put it in your plugins folder, get a gravity gun, and have fun!

    While holding a gravity gun or a supercharged gravity gun, right click a mob or block to lift it, and left click to throw it!
    You can also left click while not holding anything to repel nearby mobs!

    Supercharged gravity guns throw farther, and when a creeper is launched, it explodes!
    By default, creeper block damage is disabled in the config.

    Also, if lightning strikes within 5 blocks of a player holding a gravity gun, it turns into a supercharged gravity gun!

    #Whether or not thrown creepers from a supercharged gravity gun do block damage
    CreeperDamage: false

    #If you can't throw citizens
    NoCitizens: true

    #If you can't do anything with left click
    DenyThrowing: false

    #The messages
    #The prefix (in front of the rest)
    Prefix: '&8[&6GravityGun&8]&r '

    #If you can't pickup entities
    NoPermissionEntity: '&cYou do not have permission to pick up entities'

    #If you can't pick up blocks
    NoPermissionBlocks: '&cYou do not have permission to pick up blocks'

    #If you cant pick up a certain block (example: sand)
    ItemNoPickup: '&cYou cannot pick up that item!'

    #If you cant pick up citizens
    NoCitizen: '&cYou cannot pick up citizens!'

    #When you get a supercharged gravity gun
    SuperChargedGet: '&rYou got a &bSupercharged&r gravity gun!'

    #When you get a normal gravity gun
    Get: '&rYou got a gravity gun!'

    #When someone else tries to break a block held by a gravity gun
    NoBlockBreak: '&4Sorry, you cannot break a block here.'​

    Gives you a gravity gun.​
    /gg super
    Gives you a supercharged gravity gun.​

    To use a gravity gun:

    To be able to pick up blocks:

    To be able to pick up entities:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mabus
    Version: 9
    Very pity i need decompile it for change item name to russian language. Please add this options in config.
  2. CILI0
    Version: 9
    very nice! how i can set it works only with animals?
    players can rename horse armor with an anvil and it work good...
  3. mipastu
    Version: 8
    Excellent! just fix if you catch normal palyer, It blames him from flying and kicks from server. just fix that and this is awesome plugin!
  4. stuuuuuuarrt
    Version: 4
    Great plugin! It offers loads of fun.

    There are a few bugs (If you pick up any type of log or plank, it turns to Oak. If you pick up any type of stonebricks, chiseled stone, it turns to stone. Try to pick up red wool it turns to white wool.)

    If you fix these bugs, and add the ability to create custom message, and maybe the ability to change the button to drop the block, As you need to right click the air to drop it, and that is sometimes hard because when you go to try and click the air the block moves from where you wanted it (As you need the move the mouse to get the the air. )

    So I suggest maybe using a key to place it, or that scroll thing in the middle of the mouse, but not the same button that you use to pick it up (If you try to drop it when looking at the block, it will just keep picking it back up)

    If you are able to fix these bugs, it will be a great plugin (One of my favorite)
    Please continue to develop this plugin!
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Added except for the different buttons.
  5. Newton1882
    Version: 4
    But can you add bility to set custom message?
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Yay, added!
  6. Newton1882
    Version: 3.0
    Good idea.
    But i use citizens on server and players use gravity guns on there.

    So can you add in config:
    citizens pickup: false/true
    1. Techdoodle