[DEPRECATED] SuperEnchants 4

Have awesome enchantments on your server!

  1. Techdoodle
    Wanted to have awesome enchantments on your server!
    Now you can!

    The enchantments added by this plugin are:

    Completely vanishes the player while they are sneaking.
    It even hides their armor! It lasts for 30 seconds before requiring to be shifted again.
    Gives constant saturation to the wearer causing them never to be hungry again!
    Gives constant night vision to the wearer allowing them so see in the dark.
    Gives constant water breathing to the wearer letting them breath underwater!
    Lets the wearer sprint way faster and jump really high while sprinting!
    (My personal favorite)
    Lets the wearer swim very quickly through water! Great with the Water_Breathing_Helmet!



    /pe (enchantment name)
    "SuperEnchants.use" and "SuperEnchants.(enchantment name)"
    Used to enchant the held armor with the specified enchantment.
    Do "/pe help" or "/pe list" for a list of enchantments.​

    #The levels required for each enchantment
    sprinting_leggings: 10
    night_vision_helmet: 10
    water_breathing_helmet: 10
    saturation_helmet: 10
    invisibility_chestplate: 10

    Is there something that you want in this plugin that it doesn't have?
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Recent Reviews

  1. IamNoob
    Version: 2
    Awesome plugin. I have a suggestion. Could you make like explosive pickaxe?
    1. Techdoodle
      Author's Response
      Possibly in a separate plugin I'm making soon, good suggestion!