[DEPRECATED] UltimateLogger 1

Easily log anything to multiple files!

  1. Techdoodle
    Want to be able to use a simple command to log things?
    Now you can!

    With this plugin, you can log anything to any file.

    Examples of use:
    • Make a command block that logs who goes over it
    • Make a minigame that logs who wins it
    • Make a roller coaster that logs who rides it

    /log (file name) (message)
    Logs the message to the file.​

    Is there something that you want in this plugin that it doesn't have?
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Recent Reviews

  1. LanToaster
    Version: 1
    Does what its supposed to do.
    Is really nice to log stuff that gets otherwise not Logged.

    Only thing I would like is to toggle the Console Output: "Logged"